Five Mexican Foods to try for Hispanic Heritage Month.


FOOD is life.

Or is that just my thinking?

September 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month and the perfect time to try a new Mexican food!

Last year, I packed my then-kindergarten-aged daughter’s lunch for school. Without a second though, I decided to put a treat in there for her. Her favorite: pan dulce, an empanada.

When she got home, she told me that most of the kids in her class didn’t know what it was.


So, from that point on I decided I needed to educate my daughter on her culture.

As far back as I can remember both my grandmothers were always cooking food for the family in the kitchen. The delicious smell of tortillas and frijoles (beans) coming out of the kitchen. A stereotypical vision of the Mexican Abuela (grandmother) in the kitchen making sure everyone is fed. I grew up with the notion of being shown that when you’re being fed you are being loved.

In Hispanic families food is not just important: it’s a life-line.

From weddings, birthdays, baptisms, funerals and just because we get together and make enough food to feed an army.

Today I wanted to share 5 delicious (and simple!) Mexican foods that are fairly common – so if you haven’t tried them you really should!

These happen to be my favorite dish. I order them every time I’m out eating at a Mexican restaurant. I love cooking them at home too. Corn tortillas rolled and stuffed with your choice of chicken, beef or cheese (or any other meat really). Topped with cheese and enchilada sauce. 

Enchiladas : Hispanic Heritage Month : Mexican Food

Frijoles Charro (Charro Beans)
A staple at most Mexican family meals. A side dish that goes with just about anything. Most commonly made with peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, chorizo or bacon. 

Charro Beans :: Mexican Food :: Hispanic Heritage Month

Are usually eaten during the holidays. They can take a long time to prepare, often groups of family and friends come together for a ‘tamalada’ (tamale making party.) Made with a corn dough and filled with various fillings; pork, chicken, beans and even cheese, then wrapped in a corn husk.  If you are wanting to try them we are having a Hot Tamale Festival coming up in November. 

tamale making : hispanic heritage month : Mexican Food

Pan de Polvo
You can find pan de polvo around Christmas time. They are small, delicious cookies coated in sugar and cinnamon (they melt in your mouth).

Pan De Dulce : Mexican Food : Hispanic HeritagePan Dulce  
Translated to sweet bread. These are perhaps my favorite dessert. You can get them year-round at any local bakery or even bake them at home. Various goodies; empanadas, conchas, cakes and cookies etc. 

Pan de Dulce : Hispanic Heritage : Mexican FoodIf any (or all!) of these look like something you may want to try, then I’ve done my job persuading you to give Mexican food a try. As a little bonus I’m throwing in a drink to try and one Tex-Mex food to try out. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Perfect for when the Texas weather finally gives us a cold front. Made with Mexican chocolate (can be found at HEB), and cinnamon/ and or cinnamon sticks.

Mexican Hot Chocolate : Food : Hispanic Heritage

Tex-Mex Breakfast Tacos
These are not completely Mexican, but I would be so wrong not to include something native to Texas. What is life without a breakfast taco? Eggs with anything; bacon, chorizo, potatoes, sausage…take your pick. 

There are so many places to try delicious Mexican food here in the Coastal Bend! What are some of your favorites? 

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