Canned Chicken: 3 recipes that are easy to make and yummy to eat!


If it’s too hot to cook, too long til payday, or too taxing to think of what to make for supper, keep reading for 3 recipes to use canned chicken.

Canned Chicken

Before I get to the recipes, here’s what I like about canned chicken:

It’s affordable. It’s a great source of protein that is low in calories. And it’s shelf-stable, meaning it will last a while.

Canned chicken is already cooked, so it can be thrown in almost anywhere you would use cooked, shredded chicken. Canned chicken can be composed of all breast meat or a mix of white and dark meat. Look for brands with the least amount of ingredients.

Canned Chicken

Here’s what it looks like when you first open the can.

Canned Chicken

I take a fork and flake it up.

Canned Chicken

Now it’s ready to go!


Throw some chicken and shredded cheese into a tortilla, fold tortilla in half and heat on both sides in a pan until the cheese is melted. I make this for my kid a lot, served with a side of fruit or some salsa.

Chicken Salad:

Mix shredded chicken with mayonnaise and some dried dill and pepper. Or you can scoop out some of the flesh of an avocado, mash and mix in the chicken. Serve either version on bread or in an avocado, my fave!

BBQ Chicken Potatoes:

Bake a white or sweet potato wrapped in foil at 500 degrees for about an hour. You can also make baked potatoes in the microwave or in the crockpot. Top with chicken and your favorite BBQ sauce. Delish!

When you need to hit the easy button – easy on your brain, easy on your kitchen and easy on your wallet – skip the fast food drive-thru and give canned chicken a try. Let us know how you like to use canned chicken in the comments! Happy eating!

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