Candied Onions (for people who don’t like onions)


Let me preface this by saying, I do not like onions, but I will eat these candied onions any day of the week! Just trust me and try them!


Onions (1 per person)

1 tablespoon Butter*

1+ tablespoon Brown Sugar*

1 Chicken Bullion Cube*

*use per onion


Candied Onions Step 1Step 1: Start by peeling the onions.

Step 2: Core the Onions and slice into quarters BUT do not slice all the way through leave it connected at the bottom. (I use this apple corer it makes it super easy!)

Candied Onions Step 2-3

Step 3: Place 1 bullion cube in the center of each onion.

Candied Onions Step 4Step 4: Cut (about) a tablespoon of butter and shove some inside over the bullion cube and place the remaining on top.

Candied Onions Step 5

Step 5: Pile that brown sugar on top (I usually put more than 1 tablespoon.) The bigger the onion the more butter and brown sugar I put. It’s really an exact science.

Candied Onions Step 6

Step 6: Wrap each individual onion up on foil and bake at 400 degrees for 30-45 minutes. You will smell when they are ready (exact science, I’m tellin’ ya).

Step 7: Enjoy the sweet goodness that is candied onions.

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