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Breakfast tacos are one of my favorite foods. Growing up in Oklahoma, I never had experienced the magic of the breakfast taco until college – when I hit the jackpot and was introduced to the ultimate portable breakfast in San Antonio.

I tried many varieties in the good ‘ole SATX and had the pure delight of expanding my breakfast taco palette while living in Austin post-college. Now, as a resident of the Coastal Bend, I 100% have my favorite breakfast taco, I just don’t always have time to get to the bluff when I have a craving, ya feel me?

My entire family has their own breakfast taco preference and we eat them any time of day, any day of the week. We love tacos. The end.

Just kidding…you came here for a recipe/DIY and I’m going to give it to you. But first, a little lesson – in case you’re reading this from somewhere outside of SATX/ATX/CCTX. 😉

(Click the quote below for an EXCELLENT recap of why we eat breakfast tacos and NOT breakfast burritos.)

“Anyone who has not lived in central Texas is like “What? Do you mean breakfast burritos?” No, dear reader. I do not mean breakfast burritos. In fact you’d be hard pressed to find a breakfast burrito on the menu in Austin.”

Now that we’ve established the facts, let’s forge ahead into the actual making of the aforementioned delight – and the simple steps to making these in bulk and having them to grab & go anytime! The greatest thing about breakfast tacos is that you can pretty much put ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES inside. I’m going to share what we make, but feel free to play around with new combinations.

When I make tacos, we do them three or four ways: I do a batch of plain bean & cheese for my youngest, egg-free for my oldest, and combo tacos for hubs & myself. You do you, friend, there are no rules when it comes to breakfast tacos.

J/K – there are two rules when making bulk-freezer-tacos:

  1. If it all possible, use freshly made tortillas from your local taqueria or bakery. They will hold up, freeze well, and taste much better.
  2. Make sure to COOL all of the ingredients before assembling your taco. I repeat: COOL THE INGREDIENTS. This is how you will avoid having tacos that are mushy or slimy when you reheat. Do not skip this step.


Refried Beans, Shredded Cheese, Sausage Crumbles, Cooked Bacon, Diced Hashbrown Potatoes, Scrambled Eggs (not pictured) and Tortillas.Breakfast Taco Ingredients

NOTES on cooking the above ingredients:

BACON: I like to bake it in the oven so the slices are nice and flat (and less greasy).

SAUSAGE: I brown the sausage and completely drain the grease. You don’t want the excess moisture to cause your tacos to get mushy.

EGGS: I scramble and season with salt & pepper only

POTATOES: I zap these in the air fryer with salt & pepper

Once you have everything cooked, get it set up assembly-line style. While you are waiting for everything to COOL COMPLETELY, prep your aluminum foil squares and ziplock bags. You can purchase aluminum foil squares, but I just buy normal foil and cut it down. Label your bags with the type of taco and date.

Taco Labels

Once your ingredients are COMPLETELY COOL (I cannot stress this enough), it’s time to get to rolling.

Once you have them all filled, tuck each end, roll up, and wrap in foil. I put 10 tacos per bag and then lay them in the freezer.

Breakfast Freezer TacosThey are the PERFECT quick breakfast or snack – just grab one, remove the foil and pop in the microwave (I wrap them in a paper towel) and heat for 1 minute, flipping it over after 30 seconds. DELISH!

Tell me: What is your favorite breakfast taco combo?


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