BBQ Chicken Pizza (Easy Meal on the Grill)


BBQ Chicken Pizza (On the Grill)

I love easy meals. And I especially love not heating up my kitchen. So if you’re like me you will love this super easy week night BBQ chicken pizza on the grill!

BBQ chicken pizza on the grill


Flat Out Wraps (I prefer the original)

2 Chicken breasts

BBQ sauce of choice (we love Sweet Baby Rays)

Shredded Cheese (Fiesta Cheese Blend)

1 Large Bell Pepper

*additional toppings*

Olives, Onions, anything else you have that sounds good!

BBQ chicken pizza on the grill

Instructions for BBQ Chicken Pizza:

Preheat your grill. All grills are different. I preheat mine on medium heat.

Cube your chicken and cook all the way on your stovetop. I use a little olive oil because I like my chicken to be kinda crispy. If you’re an overachiever you could also pre-grill your chicken.

Cut your veggies and your toppings, so they are ready to place on your pizza.

Spread BBQ sauce on your Flat out, and then layer your toppings however you like! I typically go in a sauce, cheese, chicken, toppings order…but to each their own.

BBQ chicken pizza on the grill

I assemble my BBQ chicken on a cookie sheet so they are easier to transport to the grill. Once assembled cook on the grill, around 10 minutes is all- just until the cheese is melted and the crust is a little crispy.

Cut up your BBQ chicken pizza and enjoy! And because it’s summer enjoy with some watermelon!

BBQ chicken pizza on the grill

(PS we ONLY use paper products at my house in the summer…if you do too I am so proud of you!)

BBQ chicken pizza on the grill