Baby Dash – Worth it Wednesday


It’s small and cute and easy to use.

I am talking about my new Baby Dash!

Baby Dash Waffle Iron

I ordered this adorable griddle iron (it also comes in a waffle iron) off Amazon after seeing several TikToks about easy low-carb foods.

[Yes, we can add this to my unofficial “Things I saw on TikTok” series]

Worth It Wednesday : Baby Dash Griddle Iron

The one I bought was right at $10.  But certain colors and styles might be $15.

The easiest and quickest thing I like to make — is a breadless breakfast sandwich.

Baby Dash

You start with a thin layer of your favorite shredded cheese on the baby dash.  Then add one egg (I prefer scrambled but you could drop the egg down as is -minus the shell, of course).  Add your favorite seasonings, maybe some cooked bacon, top it with more shredded cheese and close the dash.

Baby Dash

Steam will come out of the dash (totally normal) and it should be ready in about 60-90 seconds.

Baby Dash

There are a ton of recipes online you can use that are low carb/keto-friendly.  And like I said — it was crazy easy to use.

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