The Dad Shoes


Since becoming a “Dada,” my husband has definitely changed. He is more gentle, more diligent, more playful, and definitely more frugal. He wears the same style of outfit every day to work, his only game system is a retro one, and if he were in charge of the meal planning, he’d make a big batch of one meal and eat the same thing all week. Efficiency and practicality are king. He consumes only two things in excess: coffee and memes.

Dad Shoes | Coastal Bend Mom Collective

When I asked my sweet husband what he’d like for Father’s Day, he said he’d like some new shoes.

In the past, we’ve always hunted for the best deal on a black tennis shoe, but not this time. This Father’s Day, he wanted to “go for the status symbol.”

The run-of-the-mill black sneaker wouldn’t do this time, no ma’am. We’re going for ultimate comfort, versatility, and style. Something that says, “I work hard during the week, but on the weekend, we’re hitting up the nature trails.”

Dad Shoes | New Balance | Coastal Bend Mom

A shoe that says “workin’ hard? Or hardlyworkin’?”

“Time to fire up the grill.”

“I know my way around Lowe’s just fine, honey.”

“I don’t need to read the instructions.”

Is it possible that a shoe can say all of those things, yet still be comfortable and practical for a dad chasing his two toddler boys at the playground? You better believe it.

Behold, The Dad Shoes.

New Balance | Dad Shoes | Coastal Bend DadAccording to meme experts, the official shoe of dads is the white and navy New Balance sneaker. Other brands have their versions, Nike, Skechers, even a Costco brand imposter. But none will ever hold the meme status that belongs to New Balance.

We opted for the 623 V3 for a slightly slimmer, bolder look than the 608 V5, but you can’t go wrong with either. To complete the full Meme Dad look, pair with jeans, a t-shirt, and a ball cap.
New Balance Dad Shoes | Dad Shoes Meme

Reviews online confirm dads have been buying these shoes over and over and over again for decades, so they must be legit! And as my dad says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and these dad shoes fit the bill.