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Texas Road Trip Pro Tips - Corpus Christi Moms BlogBetween family visits, holidays, and baseball games we’ve “seen miles and miles (and miles and miles) of Texas.”

With spring in full gear and summer around the corner, I’m sharing my best Texas road trip pro tips (say that 5 times fast!) in hopes of helping you avoid any bumps in the road during your upcoming travels.

First, have a plan! Choose your route and check it out online ahead of time so that you’re aware of any construction, road closures, etc.

Travel during a time you’ll be more awake and energized, and try to avoid rush hour traffic in the metropolitan areas. Plan your stops so that you’re sure to have clean restrooms with changing tables if needed (Starbucks, we need to talk…) and tables and chairs to eat at. Each time you stop, use a map app on your phone to check up on your route and avoid any surprise traffic jams!

Next, be equipped!Texas Road Trip Snacks and Movie - Corpus Christi Moms Blog This is easier said than done, but a vehicle with plenty of room for you, the baby, the dog, and all. the. stuff. is a great investment for road-tripping families.

I love that our truck has a bed cover so we can throw all the mentioned stuff back there without worrying about it getting rained on or wandering off during our stops. To reduce back seat (and driver seat) meltdowns, I highly suggest some sort of device to play movies for the kiddos. I typically try to limit screen time, but during road trips, NO RULES! Go crazy! I also recommend things like a small ice chest and portable chairs if you anticipate a parking lot picnic.

OK, now you’re equipped, so let’s put all that good stuff to use. Get gas before you leave town because this momma DOES NOT STOP if there’s a sleeping baby in the car… until of course, I have to get gas.Texas Road Trip Snacks - Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Been there, done that, won’t happen again! Fill up that ice chest with drinks and snacks, unless you’re the type of mom whose responds to “I’m thirsty” with “Swallow your spit” (heard it.) On the road, my desire to be a semi-crunchy mom is trumped by my desire for convenience, so we stick to prepackaged snacks for the most part. Also, make sure that the tablet is charged and loaded with movies. My daughter once watched Baby Einsteins for an hour and a half behind the low power pop up. Mom of the Year!

You’re almost ready – time to get your mind right! Roadtrips are TOUGH, so mentally prepare yourself however you see fit.

Crank up the Dixie Chicks (just me?), down that caffeine (venti, please!), and get ready for miles and miles of absolutely nothing along Highway 37.

This can all seem like common sense, but mom brain is real! One wrong move and you may end up trapped bumper to bumper with a screaming newborn on the interstate. Yeah… I don’t want to talk about it.

So, what are your Texas road trip pro tips? Any must have products or favorite stops? Let me know what else makes your life on the road easier!

Happy trails to you, ’till we meet again!

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  1. Great tips! Happy to benefit from your experiences! Our backseat staple is a soft toy to entertain and/or chew on and something to block the sun. Happy trails!

  2. Great tips! We easily travel 1,600+ miles every summer with kids. This year they will be 1,2, and 8. Great tips, we do all of those! I highly recommend plenty of stops so the kids can stretch their legs! They get antsy so easily. The oldest also has a notebook with a map of our route and detailed directions for her to follow. It’s helps avoid the “where are we” and “are we there yet” questions that drive you nuts! She also has good travel games to color, write, draw or participate with us.

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