Microblog: Confessions of a ‘Junk’ Food Junkie.


Confessions of a Junk Food Junkie


                                                                   Confessions of a ‘Junk’ Food Junkie

Confession time!

I’ll be totally honest with y’all… I love junk food. I know it’s bad for me!

My mom told me many times to eat healthy, and I do try. (Really, I do.) But sometimes I just can’t help having a little snack here and there.

• Juicy burgers
• Gooey, cheesy pizzas
• Plump hot dogs

Is it just me? I’m big on Big Red. I adore dark chocolate, and I can’t help myself around pumpkin pie. Sometimes I can’t resist a doughnut.

Don’t get me wrong I definitely make sure my daughter knows what foods are good, and healthy. I let her know which ones we shouldn’t have too much of, and we always remember to brush our teeth.

But every now and then sometimes you might need some comfort food, or you might want to give in to a guilty pleasure.

Either way I don’t see a thing wrong with having a little snack here and there. Whatever makes mama happy.
What is your favorite snack?

Written by: Jessica Davila