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I have a problem. My problem is I get rid of stuff VERY frequently. This is because cleaning and organizing are my therapy. I know, I’m weird. Because of this I often have things that are no longer needed (in my opinion, my wife seems to disagree), but are a little too pricey to just donate. In the past, I would sell on craigslist (yes, I’m old), but I have since graduated to Facebook Marketplace. Here is what I’ve learned.

Post actual pictures not the google stock images you can download. Personally I like to do a mixture of both, but I’m always hesitant when I see a post that says “Used -Like New” but has stock images and none of the specific item I am buying.

Detailed Descriptions are key.

  • If an item is a fabric or cloth I always state whether there are stains, tears, smokers, or pets.
  • If an item is electronic I try to provide the model number or picture of the series/model number so buyers make sure it is compatible.
  • If an item has multiple pieces I include a list of what is being sold.
  • I like to add what the retail cost is so buyers get an idea of how much they are selling for brand new.

Price high then discount. I price on the high end that way when buyers message me with a lower offer it is usually acceptable rather than posting at my lowest offer range and not being able to budge. Additionally, I like to price high and then go back and edit the listing after a few days (if no bites) so that buyers see the cross out. I am not sure why it just seems more competitive and makes people feel like they are saving money.

Price Slash

Don’t let shipping scare you. At first, I was skeptical about the shipping feature. I thought it would be too much hassle and I’d lose money on shipping costs. Honestly, I am at the post office or UPS enough between work and Amazon returns (wifey has a shopping problem) so it never really creates an extra trip. I only offer to ship if an item is small enough. Sometimes these fools want me to offer shipping for a furniture piece… crazy. I did notice that it was cheaper and easier to have Facebook Marketplace create a pre-paid label for me based on the weight of the package (I just get it off the Amazon item description) so I can wrap up (usually re-use an Amazon package), print the label, and drop it off.

Staying safe. I only offer front-door pick-up. I will not drop off or meet publicly. It is too much between household errands, a tired toddler, and work. This may seem unsafe, but here is what I do to make it as safe as possible.

  • I leave the item in a basket on my front porch (buyers never see my face).
  • I request CashApp or Venmo but provide the option to leave cash under the mat. With this, I have never had someone take the item and not leave the money. I like to believe the best in people and I have a doorbell camera. I’ll probably get burned at some point, but I continue to have faith in humanity.
  • I only provide the address when the buyer is on their way not when a buyer says, “I’ can come tonight.” This prohibits me from giving out my address to every person that messages me when they are interested. Often buyers will want to know what part of town I am in to calculate travel times or best routes for pick up, I tell them the closest main intersection when they request.

Marketplace is available on both a computer interface and a phone application interface and both are super user-friendly. I can usually have a listing active in about 2 minutes, being able to upload pictures from your phone gallery really helps.

If you are trying to make a little extra cash, bored at home, or saving up for something this is a great way to do a little Spring cleaning with a fun prize at the end.

What are you going to sell to earn some extra change?

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