Have A Family Movie Night! Summer Movies Are Back!


Hey y’all! I do not know if you have noticed but people but people are heading back to the movies! I had been to the movies in over a year and for me that was torture. Torture! (Dramatic voice ha-ha!) I am a movie lover and I love being able to escape to the movies. There are so many awesome summer movies coming out, and I am giddy! I missed the big screen, the previews of upcoming movies, the popcorn and all the yummy snacks.

If going to the movies is something you would rather skip there is still the option of streaming at home. Some movies are being released at the theater and on certain streaming services like Disney Plus and HBO Max.

Here are a few of the movies I have already seen and loved:

  • In The Heights– I have a soft spot for musicals. This musical based on the Broadway hit, its stars from Hamilton, Anthony Ramos, and (music by) Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  • Luca– This adorable movie available on Disney Plus, is to me about friendship and being comfortable in your own skin.
  • The Boss Baby: Family Business- My daughter and I actually watched this on Peacock. I had never seen the first movie and I was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was.
  • Black Widow- Is out at the movies and on Disney Plus. If you follow Marvel movies, (which my family does) then you know the character of Black Widow was long overdue for a solo movie.
  • F9 (Fast and the Furious franchise)- My family and I went to the theatre to watch this summer blockbuster. Action packed and over the top stunts, but that is just how I like it. Very entertaining.

I have more movies on my to watch list. What summer movies are you waiting to see?

What should I watch next?

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Jessica Davila
Jessica has lived in Corpus Christi almost all her life and loves it. Together with her husband Roy they are raising their beautiful , almost 6 year old daughter, Angelina. Being a stay at home mom has taught her a lot and she treasures each moment of motherhood. Jessica is quiet in person, but give her a pen and paper and she will write a novel. She loves reading, writing, watching movies and listening to music. She is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and loves anything chocolate. She is very excited to begin her blogging adventure, and getting to know the CCMB community of mommas.