Family Sports Traditions: What are some of yours?


It’s almost Fall and I am breathing a wonderful sigh of relief, because that means it’s the beginning of football season.

A lot of families love sports, maybe your kids play sports, or maybe you just love watching sports on television.

Either way with sports comes something fun: traditions.

I’ve heard about all kinds of sports traditions people have, some families go to games together play their own in the backyard. Maybe they eat certain foods or wear their team colors on game day. Traditions can be brought down from older generations to remember loved ones. Whether or not it’s football, basketball or baseball, pretty much every sports fan has a tradition or ritual that they love!

As a child, I would sit with my dad and watch football games with him, more specifically Dallas Cowboys football. I learned about the game from him. He was a major fan. When I got a little older it turned into a family event, we would invite everyone over and my dad would cook BBQ. He would put some music on, and we would all just hang out, talk and watch the game. It was this memorable pastime that kept us all linked as a family.  My dad passed away in 2008, and, for a while, we lost the tradition.  


When I met my husband, it was like we were meant to be:

he was as big of a Cowboys fan as I was.

When we had our daughter, I decided that I wanted a tradition of our own, while at the same time honoring my dad’s tradition. Every game day we wear our team shirts, cook a family meal and watch the game together. My daughter learned from an early age to say, ‘Go Cowboys!’

It bonds us as family — giving us something to do together and we create memories that will last a lifetime.   


(On social media I always post up), “Game Day: Go Cowboys!” So, if you see me on Facebook or Instagram you know what I’m talking about.

What are some of your family’s favorite sports traditions or favorite teams?

Do you have any sports traditions unique to your family?

Here are some sports traditions you may have or may not have heard about. 

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