CBMC’s Favorite Things: AMAZON Edition

Who doesn’t love a good Favorite Things party?? Ever since Oprah started her Favorite Things episode a million years ago, we have fallen in love with gift guides, fave things lists and parties, and hearing what items our friends (and people we follow) absolutely MUST HAVE.
Darcy and I were chatting about it the other morning on a walk and thought it would be fun to ask some of the CBMC writing team to share their current faves – but we were specific in this request: what are your favorite AMAZON finds?
So, if you’re still looking for a great (useful!) gift for someone, look no further. Fire up the laptop or phone and login to your PRIME membership. We’ve got you covered!
Favorite Things
Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase one of these items via our link, we will receive a small commission. Your support helps us keep CBMC up and running – so THANK YOU!

Elisabeth's Fave:

Woodwick Candles
There is not much that I love more than lighting a delicious smelling candle – year round. During the winter, Woodwick candles are my absolute MUST-HAVE. Not only do the smell wonderful and last for a LONG time, but I love that they have a “crackle” sound as the wick burns…a little reminiscent of a fireplace. I love to get these and gift these.

Elisabeth's (household) Fave:

Delta TOUCH Faucet

This is kind of a big ticket item, but it is one of my most favorite upgrades we made in our home. This faucet is AMAZING. I love that I can turn the faucet on and off by simply touching the faucet. I find myself missing it every time I’m in someone else’s home! SO GREAT when your hands are dirty or contaminated with raw chicken and even better when they are full of kids cups or bottles. Also – simple installation. This faucet is worth every penny.

Darcy's Fave:

Rechargeable Candle Lighter
Rechargeable Candle Lighter
I hated lighting candles because of the burnt sides on the glass. Now, with this $10 rechargeable candle lighter, you can bend it to light the wick without having to turn the candle on its side. I’ve had this for over a year and no issues.

Katarina's Fave:

Begnet Magnetic Keychain
Bagnet – Keychain Magnet for your Bag!

My favorite item off Amazon, especially to buy as a gift, is the stylish Bagnet! It’s a magnet keychain that attaches to your purse so that you never have to let your purse touch the ground. There’s a lot of styles to choose from and you can even hook it to your diaper bag.

Jillian's Fave:

Revlon 3-in-1 Air Tool
Revlon Style, Curl, and Volumize Hot Air Kit
My fave Amazon purchase is the Revlon Style/Curl/Volumize Kit. This product blow dries and curls your hair at the same time. I have such limited time in the morning to get my hair beautiful for the day and this product is quick and easy and I love it. Plus it is quiet and gentle on your hair.

Jerin's Fave: (for the parents)

Instant Pot
Instant Pot
I will never stop loving you. Never stop telling people of your glorious ways. You make it easy to make flavorful meals in under an hour, unsupervised, while I nurse the baby. You make it easy to cook whole chickens, homemade bone broth, elderberry syrup, and, cook beans from dry when I forget to soak them overnight. You are the actual MVP of the kitchen, and I will love you forever. Amen.

Shirelle's Fave:

Bathroom Organizer
mDesign Farmhouse Metal Wire Bathroom Wall Mount Tool Organizer Storage Basket
I’ve bought two of these! They are such a space saver in the bathroom.

Kelsie's Fave:

Maternity Shorts

Foucome Under Belly Maternity Shorts with Pocket  When you’re pregnant and chasing 2 kids already, maternity fashion is HEAVY on comfort. These under belly bike shorts are what pregnant dreams are made of. So soft and comfy!

Erin's Fave:

Grass Fed Beef Sticks
CHOMPS Grass Fed Beef Jerky Meat Snack Sticks (10Pack)
I have a subscription for these. Grass fed, Whole 30 compliant, keto, gluten free, sugar free and they taste good!

Mandy's Fave:

Tree Hut Sugar Plum Berries

Tree Hut Sugar Plum Berries Sugar Scrub This is my absolute favorite sugar scrub. From the second you open the lid, the juicy scent takes over. It exfoliates so gently, and leaves your winter skin feeling soft as a baby’s bum.

Jenn's Fave (for the kids):

Aaron Slater, Illustrator I don’t have anything that I regularly order from Amazon, but this book is the last thing I ordered that I think everyone with kids should have and should read because the story is so great – Aaron Slater, Illustrator

Jerin's Fave (for the kids):

PicassoTiles This is my favorite kid item. Hours and hours of play. They love them.

What are some of your fave finds? Tag us in the comments!

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