A Bunch of Scrap


I never meant to get hooked.

It started at a party.

When #1 was born in 2001, some well meaning mom-friends invited me to a scrapbook party. You know the drill: Meet at a friend’s house, eat some appetizers, have a drink, buy whatever too-cute-for-words-but-way-more-expensive-than-you’d-normally-pay stuff they’re helping their friend sell.

I did a page.

Then two.

Before you know it, I had an entire 12 x 12 album full of photos of my precious newborn. Not only photos, but stickers and tags and letters! Cute paper and fancy shapes and corny titles! (Splish Splash in the Bath? — gag) By the time #1 was 3 years old I had FOUR full scrapbooks documenting life with a toddler. I believe that boy is the most photographed child in history.  He’s practically a Kardashian.

I assumed that when #2 came along, I’d slow down.

It just got worse.  Now there were brother photos to scrap!  Swimming, Soccer, Aquarium, Beach… I couldn’t stop!

To add to the madness, the social aspect of a “crop” gave me much needed girlfriend time.  My friends and I literally spent a weekend in a house doing nothing but chatting and working on pages.

At first I was committed to one brand of products, out of loyalty to my dealer — I mean, consultant.  As my graphic design skills got better, I branched out.  I developed a style. My photography improved. I began to do gift albums. Then digital.

When #3 was born, I made the most artistic Pinterest-worthy baby book ever created.   Coordinated colors, letters, stickers and patterns.  My first digital “year in review” book was in 2007.  I ordered a copy for my parents, one for husband’s parents and one for us.   It’s a sickness.

Family photo, Corpus Christi Moms Blog
Yeah — I scrapped this

Many of my friends stopped scrapping so much once their littles got older.  It can be time consuming — and expensive. I buy WAY too much scrap stuff for my own good. (I recently spent $75 on 4 different kinds of glue). But I couldn’t stop.

I no longer just do pages about the kiddos.  I’ve featured my fitness journey, Husband’s building projects, the 2008 presidential election and the LBJ Presidential Library.  I’m telling our story.

These books have become treasures to us.  Not only to Husband and me, but to our families. My parents are in Chicago, and Husband is from Los Angeles.  These books are their connection to my sons.

At the end of the day, I’m glad we have all this scrap.


  1. That’s awesome, Mary! I’d love to see some of them sometime. I love scrapbooking..or the thought of it. I have all the supplies, but nothing to show for it 😉 Kudos to you for keeping up with it all!

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