Boredom Buster : Winter Break Bingo Game {FREE Printable!}


There is nothing worse than when your kids are on any sort of  break from school and you hear those dreaded words….

“I’m Bored.”

I have been looking forward to Winter Break, but then the other day I realized that after Christmas we still have 12 days until school resumes. TWELVE DAYS. And since we are not traveling anywhere we will be home the whole time. There are only so many days I can get away with “Let’s just relax” before my kids start to go stir crazy. So I created this Winter Break Bingo game! 

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How to play:

Print as many cards as there are people in your family. (There are three varying cards in the Free Printable file!)

Mark off a box as you complete the task. 

First to get 5 across wins!

The fun thing about this is you can set your own parameters, create your own prize! But the best part, for sure, is the intentional family time that you’ll be spending – creating memories and having tons of fun.

Print your Bingo Cards here! And start marking off those boxes!!!! 

Take pictures along the way and make sure to tag us on social media and use #CoastalBendMomCo so we can see all of the creative ways your family plays!