What To Do at a Pumpkin Patch




One of my most favorite things to do each fall is taking my family to the many pumpkin patches around town. The weather is nice and cool around this time of year {Sometimes, it even dips below 80 degrees! Okay, so expect to sweat a little in South Texas.} Just don’t let the lingering heat keep you away!

Our first pumpkin patch as a family was over ten years ago when my oldest wasn’t even one year old yet. We haven’t missed a year since then!

So, what’s so great about pumpkin patches? And what do you do even do there?

Here’s how our family likes to spend our pumpkin patch time:

Have a Picnic

have-a-picnic-at-a-pumpkin-patchOne year, when my daughter was in girl scouts, her troop met at a pumpkin patch during fall. It was a great place for the group to gather, chat, and play together. Furthermore, it was a PERFECT place for a picnic. Everybody brought their families, picnic blankets, and a picnic lunch. If you have not been on a real picnic in awhile, do so this season!

Tip: Use mini-pumpkins to keep your picnic blanket from flying away!

Participate in the Fun Activities Offered

hayride-at-pumpkin-patch-corpus-christiPumpkin patches sometimes have scheduled or semi-permanent activities available right in front of you! We’ve enjoyed pumpkin labyrinths, hayrides, games, and more. You will find that there is so much when you visit. Many are often free, too!!

Take Pictures!

This is probably the number one best thing to do at a pumpkin patch! {At least, it is for me!!} When I was younger, I enjoyed scrapbooking. I remember looking through other people’s scrapbooks, and seeing the beautiful pictures of families surrounded by tons of pumpkins. I knew when I had kids, I would definitely make trips to area pumpkin patches, just for this reason. You will find that many pumpkin patches have photo props, bundles of hay, and of course, a plethora of pumpkins to create some adorable family pictures! So, do NOT forget your camera because you do not want to miss capturing these memories!!

Read or Enjoy Pumpkin Patch Story Time

Need a reading break during the day? Plop down among the pumpkins with your favorite book! Many pumpkin patches are open all day and provide a nice place for some outdoor reading. Do your children enjoy story time, too? Several local pumpkin patches offer children’s story time throughout the day!

Pick just the Right Pumpkin!

Besides taking pictures, choosing the perfect pumpkin at a pumpkin patch is essential. There will be so many options, it can be overwhelming. Decide ahead of time what you are looking for in the perfect pumpkin. Will it sit pretty on your doorstep? Will you carve a jack-o-lantern? Do you need pumpkins for homemade pie or for your kids to paint? Would you rather be unconventional and take home one of those funny shaped squash instead? Whatever your purpose, half the fun is searching for that ideal pumpkin!Picking the right pumpkin at the pumpkin patch

Warning: If you’re choosing one family pumpkin, expect a little debate, especially among the children. My children each have their own idea of what the perfect pumpkin looks like. One child will be on the hunt for the BIGGEST one. Another will look for one that is easy to carve. Someone will want the tallest, and another will want the smallest.

Solution: Parents, you may have to override this decision. But, let each kid pick a small pumpkin. (The smaller ones can be fairly inexpensive.) Then, when they return home, let them do whatever they want with their own pumpkin.

Fortunately, there are many pumpkin patches around Corpus Christi for you to visit! So, take some time this fall season and visit one near you! What kind of things do you like to do when you visit a pumpkin patch?