Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Kids!


Before becoming a mom, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day was very much an adult event for me. I can’t even tell you how much green beer I’ve consumed in my life.

And now that I have my own little leprechaun, I still like to enjoy some St. Patrick’s Day recreation, but on a much tamer level.

Here are some ways to share the fun with your kiddo.

Green Milkshakes


If milkshakes are more your speed, I would say head to McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake. However, according to mcfinder.com, no Corpus restaurants have been serving it for some years. What tha wha?! Don’t worry. The folks at delish.com have a copycat recipe that is very good. Treat your small one to a cool, green concoction that he will love or hate. Here are some other fun, green food options!

Marker Tie Dye


All you need are a few simple supplies:

  • white t-shirt
  • permanent markers
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cardboard
  • an eyedropper.

Put the cardboard inside the shirt, draw designs with markers, then slowly add a few drops of alcohol on top of the ink. The ink will spread out and make fun shapes. Use all green for your St. Paddy’s shirt. Here is a link to the full tutorial.

Playdough Mats


I looooove these Playdough Mats. Why? Because I already have Playdough on hand. And molding it onto the mats helps work fine motor skills. Good to have on hand for any occasion really, but these St. Patrick’s themed ones are free to download, which is a win in my book!

Green Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger hunts are fun for kids of all ages. For younger kids, it can be as simple as making a list of green objects in your home or yard to find and check off. For older kids, have them utilize their phone (they’re going to be on it anyway) to snap photos of designated green things. Click here for some more great ideas.


I hope you and your young’uns find a pot of fun at the end of the rainbow this St. Patrick’s Day!

I leave you with an Irish saying:

“Bricks and mortar make a house,

but the laughter of children makes a home.”


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