Movie Review: Spirited


I am a sucker for holiday movies – especially Christmas flicks.  I like them cheesy but I prefer them to be clever, original and funny (with a holiday message, too).

Today, I am here with MY opinion of the new movie SPIRITED from Apple TV+.  It was released November 18, 2022 and stars Ryan Reynolds, Will Farrell & Octavia Spencer (there are other famous names – but theses are the main characters)

Spirited the movie Review
Picture of the Apple TV+ original christmas movie poster for Spirited. Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds star in this movie

As a parent – the first thing you need to know – this movie is not for little ones.  It has a PG-13 rating – mainly for cussing, mild sexual inuendos and even references to suicide.

I want to start this off by saying I LOVE THIS MOVIE.  It is a MUSICAL!!!  So be warned.  But girls – it was good. 

Spoiler Alert
Red background with Christmas garland at the top and a small movie poster of Spirited the movie from AppleTV+ It reads “Spoiler Alert”

It is set in modern day and revolves around a media professional who uses less than honorable tactics to “spin” public opinion in his client’s favor.

Without revealing too much — it has a base of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” – but it is NOT a remake.  It is more of a “behind the scenes” of how a team/business spends a year to plan and produce the “haunting” of a “scrooge-like” person.  There is even a spirited HR character.  But what makes this movie different – is how the modern day “scrooge” turns the tables on his visiting “ghosts” and the chaos that ensues.

As for the singing – some of the songs are great and the lyrics are funny.  But for those of you not interested in musicals — there is a lot of it.  However – they do actually make fun of some of the singing, too.

Reynolds and Ferrell play off of each other so well.  And believe it or not – they can both sing and dance.

If you have older children – I believe this movie will be great.  But it’ll have more impact if they have seen (or read) the original A Christmas Carol and understand the bases of the holiday classic.

I give this film a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

If your interest is peaked – you can only watch the movie on the streaming service Apple TV+.  There is a free trial period but afterwards you are required to pay a monthly streaming fee.

(this is NOT a paid advertisement, it is my true, unedited opinion!)