Recipe: Layered Jello Shots for Any Occasion


Are you planning a fun party and want to jazz up the theme?  How about color coordinated jello-shots?

Image of red and blue jello shot cups. Text overlay reads Jello Shots for Any Occasion

These wiggly jiggly adult treats are not just for college keggers — you can make them for a family summer pool party, a girls’ night out, a business grand opening – or for, you know, Thursday night LOL.

The amount of possible flavor combinations are endless!  So I am going to share with you the basic recipe — and you can add in your favorite flare to make your own personal favorites.

This recipe I am sharing with you is NOT strong at all — but you can change up the mixture of cold water to vodka to add more of a “kick”.

Image shows a bottle of vodka, a box of blue jello and a box of red jello. In the background is a cookie tray holding small plastic cups used for making jello shots.


1 box of your favorite flavor gelatin dessert mix 

1 cup boiling water 

½ cup cold water

½ cup vodka (regular or flavored)

Plastic continent cups & lids

Before you start mixing – you will need to buy those cute condiment containers with lids.  You can get these at the local grocery store,  liquor stores, or online at places like Amazon.

Start out by clearing out enough space in your refrigerator to store a baking sheet full of shots.

After you set up the cups on a baking sheet you are ready to mix.  

Once you start making the mixture you have a limited amount of time before it starts to congile.  So make sure you are really ready to mix.

I also suggest using a mixing bowl with a pour spout.

Add a box of flavored gelatin to a cup of boiling water.  After you have whisked it enough to where the gelatin is dissolved – you will add ½ cup of cold water and ½ cup of vodka.  [remember: you can adjust this combination and the type of vodka]  We used a lemon flavored vodka with cherry-limeade and ocean water gelatin.

When it is completely mixed —- carefully pour into the pre-set up cups.  Because of the lids – I suggest not filling it up completely to the top.

Here is where you can get creative – if you want to make a layer effect – you will only fill up the cups ½ way. 

I then put the baking sheet into the fridge — without lids.  I wait until the shots are cold and solid before adding the lids – but you do you.

If you are layering (like I did with the red-blue patriotic shots) – you will need to wait until the bottom layer is set before you can make and add another color. Which means it takes double the amount of time to make.

There are plenty of recipes out there — some are very detailed to make and others are not.

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