Ideas for Celebrating Easter At Home


Maybe your family has a health issue that keeps you at home. Or maybe you just prefer to celebrate Easter as a family in your own home without mixing it up at one of the local community events. We have put together a list of ways to celebrate Easter from the comfort of your own home!

 Read the Easter Story Together

This suggestion seems a little simple and obvious. But many of us are so used to attending special Easter services at church that we forget that the story is always available for us to read and enjoy in the Bible.  The entire story begins with Jesus in the garden and ends with his ascension into Heaven in Matthew Chapters 26-28.

Bake Easter Treats

Baking or Cooking with my kids is not always a fun and bonding moment for me. But during the holidays it is fun to make a mess in the kitchen together.

Some of my favorites are:

Eggless “Egg” Hunt

Maybe you would rather not waste eggs on an egg hunt or you want to save money by avoiding having to buy plastic eggs you can still give your kids a fun “Egg” hunt at home! To do this you just need to visit their playroom. Pick out some of their favorite toys and stuffed animals. Then just like a normal Egg hunt hide the toys all around your house/yard for them to go find. You could have a fun treat waiting for them at the end, or spend some time playing with the toys they just found.

Egg Hunt

If you already have plastic eggs stored from previous years or you don’t mind dying and using eggs, have a family egg hunt in your yard/home. You can do a traditional hunt where you hide the eggs and let the kids run like crazy to find as many eggs as possible. Or you could send your kids on a treasure hunt, each egg could hold the clue to where the next egg is hidden, this would be helpful in making the fun last as long as possible!

Decorate Eggs

Set up an egg decorating station and let everyone decorate their eggs. Then you can hide them and go for an Egg hunt as a family in your yard! You can find some different decorating techniques here!

Have an Easter Movie Marathon

Maybe the best course of action for us all is to slow down and just be with one another! Time to grab your blankets, pillows, and comfy PJs and have an Easter movie marathon.

Some movies to choose from:

Easter Crafts

You and the whole family could do Easter crafts together, and to make it even more fun you could make it into a challenge. Issue a challenge to make the best craft or the best series of crafts. Then take to social media to have your friends and family vote!

Here are some craft ideas:

Write Encouraging Messages on your Sidewalk

One thing that I hope we all remember is the true message of Easter. The message of hope, redemption, and love for our families and communities. Get some sidewalk chalk and write your favorite encouraging scriptures on the sidewalk in front of your home. Write encouraging messages, let people know you are thinking of them, and give them a little hope and happiness as they pass by. If you have no sidewalk to write on do not fret, write encouraging messages and stick them in your windows or on your front door for people to see as they pass by.

For more Easter ideas take a look at our Guide to Easter in the Coastal Bend here!