Happy Valentine’s Day: 3 Ways to Celebrate Solo


Doesn’t it just seem like Thanksgiving and Christmas were yesterday? Somehow Valentine’s Day has already moved in.

As I was thinking about this holiday, I realized that there are many moms out there who will be riding out this holiday solo. Whether that’s because of a divorce, death, or your spouse is simply out of town… this one is for you, mamas.

Here are some ways to show yourself a little bit of self care on Valentine’s Day. Some ideas are simple enough to incorporate everyday!


The power of touch is extraordinary. Yes, getting a massage is an investment in yourself, but you are worth it! I’ll repeat that again, so I know you heard me: You are worth it.

I do recognize that money may be tight, and maybe you’re on a tight budget… so what would your option be? Going and sitting in a massage chair for free! Confession: I’ve gone to Bed Bath and Beyond just to sit in the massage chairs. I also go to the massage chairs after every workout because I usually still have some precious kid-free time left before my 2 hour daily limit is up. A massage can be very healing as well: it helps to work out kinks in your neck, as well as release toxins from your body. 

Mom’s Night Out

Doesn’t it just feel good to hang out with other moms and leave the cares of life behind for a couple of hours? There’s something relaxing about hanging out with a girlfriend over coffee or wine, and chatting about things other than children. It reminds you that there’s more to you than just cleaning, cooking, and wiping butts.  


Bubble Bath

I don’t think there’s two other words I’d rather hear at night once the kids are tucked in bed than “bubble bath.” What used to be a time to splash and play as a child has turned into a time to relax and unwind as an adult. Make it fancy: throw some Epsom salts and essential oils to help your mind and body relax even more. Have your favorite evening beverage by your side: whether that’s hot tea, a glass of wine, or some sparkling water. Take some deep breaths, and soak up the tranquility.


I’d love to hear from you. What are some ways you show yourself some love every day?

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