Grinch Night: A Holiday Tradition


5 Ideas for a Grinch Night

We are all about theme nights at our house. And one that we look forward to every December, is our Grinch night! So what do you need to make your own Grinch night? I am excited to share some inspiration with you!

As with all my theme night ideas, remember- your kids love YOU! So add your own flair and favorites to these ideas!

1. Wear Green or Grinch Clothes

We all wear green, and invite our guests to wear green too! You could also dress up in “Grinchy” attire. I’ve even seen cute families dress up in Grinch pajamas!

2. Plan Your Menu

Here are a few things that our menu ALWAYS has

  • “Who Hash”- Cheesy potatoes, or mashed potatoes, or one year in a pinch we did tater tots.
  • “Roast Beast”- We like to do a rotisserie chicken because when placed on the table it looks a lot like the final page of the book (haha).
  • “Grinchy Greens”- We’ve used green beans, broccoli, or green salad. Just prepare anything green and call it “Grinchy”.
  • “Who Pudding”- Green pudding with festive toppings, and sprinkles is our go-to choice for “Who pudding”.
  • “Grinch Punch”- We love sparkling lemonade in green glasses!

*Some extras over the years include*-

  • “Mount Crumpit Snow”-  Mint Ice cream
  • “Cindy Lou Pasta”- Mac and Cheese

Grinch Night Coastal Bend Mom Collective

(I am dying that the only picture I got of the food has the ketchup in the corner! I never did claim to be a food blogger I guess!)

3. Decorations

I’m a minimalist around here when it comes to Grinch Night Decor, but kids love it so…I love to do a fun centerpiece and I keep it simple by displaying the book, and these cute cups. As I said, kids love simple too!

Grinch Night Coastal Bend Mom Collective

4. Read the Book

To be honest the book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a tiny bit long for my little one’s attention. So I may read half of it the night before, or split it up some how. But I still love snuggling up with this book during Grinch Night!

5. Watch the Movie

My kiddos LOVE a movie night! And there are now several versions of the movie to enjoy now! So regardless of which movie you love, save your “Who Pudding” for later and snuggle up and watch the movie.

I hope you have a wonderful Grinchy Night! And Remember of course

“Maybe Christmas he thought doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas he thought means a little bit more”

Ps I love some of the ideas shared here from another city blog sister site!