Top 10 Gifts for the Crunchy Mom


Let me start by saying that I don’t really like mom labels. Also, it has come to my attention that not many people know what  “crunchy mom” means. Here is what I found after a quick search online:

“The definition of CrunchyCrunchy refers to the crunch of granola, which (as goes the stereotype) hippie-esque people are likely to eat. To be crunchy is to be along the mindset of all-natural.” (

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To be honest, I don’t know if I fit in the “crunchy mom” category, but my new found passion for more natural solutions for my family have led me to create a special Amazon shopping list. Every item on that list would make a wonderful present for a mom that is following a more natural path for her family.

Top 10 Crunchy Mom GiftsToday we present our Top 10 Gift Guide for the Crunchy Mom:

  1. Aromatherapy Diffuser for Essential Oils: These are awesome, lots of options to choose from and good price points! My new motto: “one can never have enough diffusers!” Ok, I’m joking one per room is probably enough but if you have a friend that is into essential oils she will love this little cutie {shown}.  
  2.  Glass Roll-on Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls: I have only recently begun to dig deeper into the world of essential oils but my boys LOVE to have my concoctions rubbed or rolled on them. Having these rollers handy with pre-mixed oils for different needs will be a life saver and these prices, you can’t go wrong! 
  3. Stainless steel baking sheets: These are wonderful, safe, and non-toxic but they can be on the pricier side. Amazon has some great prices, though! They are super easy to clean and they are very durable. If your crunchy friend likes to bake, these will quickly become one of her favorite tools!
  4. THINX Period Panties: Recommendation from CCMB Owner, Elisabeth – As a former teacher and runner, my lady time of the month is always a HUGE pain in the rear. With a teaching schedule, I couldn’t just drop everything and hit the ladies room at any given moment, so I was always worried about leaks or starting in the middle of class or rehearsal. I was tired of feeling like I was wearing a diaper and also started reading more about the potential toxic effects of excessive/super tampon usage. I finally ordered THINX and holy smokes: GAME CHANGER! These are amazing. They work wonderfully and provide comfort and protection while allowing me to reduce waste monthly AND save me money! They are a little pricey up front, but pay for themselves in the end. I have tried every style and love them – especially the running shorts! I highly, highly recommend these for every female in your life – from teens to adults! {PS – if you use my referral link here, you can save $10 and so can I!}
  5. Mason Jar Jackets: Who knew!? We’ve been using mason jars at home for glasses for a while now and we love them! Their uses are endless: sippy cups, storing containers, pencil holders, and many, many other things. Glass is hard to beat when it comes to non toxic materials but there’s always the risk of breakage. These jackets {shown} can reduce that risk and make mason jars better suited for little hands!
  6. Essential oil box – wooden organizer:  This one {shown} is gorgeous and holds a ton of oils, they also send you an extra box that holds 25 for travel. You can keep the extra one or give it away two, two presents in one!
  7. Gift card or starter kit for all natural, organic, vegan make up: Root Pretty {shown} is a great quality make up company. Owned by a #ladyboss and completely natural, vegan, and organic! If you know your friend well you could pick a few things for her if not a gift card will do. and you can even treat yo’ self!
  8. Set of all natural bath bombs: We all need a relaxing bath once in a while. It really isn’t that hard to whip up some nice salt baths but, as my husband would say, “convenience is king” and having one of these all-natural bath bombs on hand would just be one less thing to make when you are in pursuit of a more natural life! These would be a very thoughtful and appreciated gift!
  9. Bottle, subscription, or case of organic wine: Whoa, that escalated quickly! To be honest I didn’t know that organic wine existed and I have never tried it but it sounds like it would be fun to try! We could all use a nice glass of -organic- wine once in a while!
  10. Organic Vegetable Seeds: If the crunchy mom in your life is also an expert gardener or even an aspiring one she will love receiving a set of organic seeds to grow her own vegetables for her family. This is another gift that keeps on giving! You could even offer to spend time gardening with her, the gift of your time would be even more valuable than the actual present!

There you have it a guide to your crunchy friend’s heart! Do you have any more ideas? Share them with us!

Top 10 Gifts - Crunchy Mom

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