First Halloween Conundrum : Baby’s First Halloween {2020}


I love Halloween, my husband loves Halloween, we love it all. When our son was born I made the joke that he would be in a different Halloween costume every day of October. Now, I wasn’t that crazy but he does have way too many costumes and there’s so little time in spooky season. 

With the pandemic, we were not able to celebrate the holiday as we normally do. No big family parties, no taking him to work with me dressed up, no costume rotation every weekend. So, here’s what we did to not only have him wear his costumes but to celebrate as well. 

Pumpkin Patch: 

My husband and I took our son to a pumpkin patch for pictures and to get him his own mini pumpkin. Since we went in the middle of the day there was only one other family there, the weather was nice, and we were able to snap some pictures comfortably! 

Socially Distanced Birthday Party:

My husband’s aunt always has a huge Halloween party every year, but due to COVID it was scaled back. My son and I went, he was in another one of his costumes, he was able to meet a great aunt he had not seen yet, and everyone was respectful of masks and distancing. 

Pumpkin Carving + Family Costumes:

If there’s one thing I love about my mother and father-in-law it’s how excited they get for family activities. We had a family pumpkin carving night at their house. Originally my sister and I had planned on horror costumes for us, but my son’s costume was late coming in. We adapted, and thankfully it worked out! Overall it was nice to spend time with everyone, get dressed up, and continue to make spooky memories. 

First Family Pictures:

Even though they weren’t Halloween themed we took our first family pictures. We tried to stay fall-themed as far as clothing went and it helped add one family activity to the month. Opting out of professional newborn pictures for family pictures was a great decision for us. Our son was actually able to be awake, smile, and show his personality. My husband and I actually had time to feel ready for them and I think it shows.



Overall the excitement of our son’s first Halloween was not overshadowed by the pandemic. We adapted and worked through whatever issues arose to ensure that we were not only able to make memories or ourselves and our families, but were able to stay safe as well.