How We Celebrate Easter with Family Traditions


Easter Sunday is a day for our family to reflect and to be thankful for our faith and family traditions.

The kids in the family always get an Easter basket or a treat bag filled with chalk, bubbles, and of course, candy.  As far back as I can remember, Easter Sunday starts with attending church as a family and ending with a BBQ.  Our time as a family revolves around food, of course.

Our family divides up who brings which dish, and we celebrate in a family member’s backyard.  Easter is a time to sit down and catch up on what has been going on in each other’s lives, a time to laugh, and a time to enjoy being a family.

We always have a pinata; in most cases, it is in the shape of an Easter Bunny.  The kids enjoy hitting the pinata and diving in for the scattered candy that lands on the floor.

We have an egg hunt and divide it into two age groups to make it fair. We have an egg hunt for the younger kids and one for the teenage ones.   The adults pull out their change or even dollar bills.  I always forget to bring cash, so the kids have to settle for the little change I have in my wallet.  The biggest highlight is the golden egg!  The adults divide up and hide two or three eggs each while one adult stays back with the kids and reminds them there is a golden egg with a lot of money!  The kids get released on their quest for that golden eggs.  I often get the look from one of the kids hoping for a hint that they are headed in the right direction for that golden egg.  We have a good time just watching the kids search for the eggs.  We make a big deal and celebrate once that golden egg is found. Occasionally, we must console the one child determined to find that golden egg but didn’t.

Easter is a time to be with family and ultimately be thankful we have another year to reflect on all we have and the ultimate price paid for us on the cross!

How does your family celebrate Easter? What are your family traditions?

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