Activities for Groundhog Day


February 2nd is Groundhog Day!!!! The day where Punxsutawney Phil will tell us if he has seen his shadow or not….deciding if there are 6 more weeks of winter or if we should expect to see Spring come sooner rather than later!

In honor of this 134-year-old tradition, I put together some books you can read, activities you can do, and even a Groundhog Day snack!

Groundhog's Day

Tune in live to see the real Phil

First and most excitedly, because of COVID the normal event that is held each year in Punxsutawney, PA is now being held virtually with a ton of activities you can do at home! And they will be streaming live so you can celebrate with them on their website here!

Children’s Books about Groundhog’Day

I had planned on getting a few books to read with my kids to teach them a bit about Groundhog day and its history, however, I was never able to find any locally and ran out of time to order them. But below are a list of Groundhog day themed books!

Mystery Picture Craft

My kids love to do crafts, and I love when I can add a bit of education into our crafts without them realizing it. The BEST resource I have found is the website Teachers Pay Teachers.

Groundhog's Day When I searched Groundhog Day, there were a TON of free resources! This one in particular is a color by number using a 120 chart. I kept the picture as a mystery so that they had to finish in order to know what they were making. And honestly, neither of them figured it out until the very end!

Download your own here

Groundhog Day Snack

The day can’t be complete without a sweet treat, especially if there are going to be six more weeks of winter!!!

Groundhog's Day

I came up with this REALLY easy treat that felt really special but took NO time at all!

What you Need: 

  • Sugar-Free chocolate pudding
  • Oreos
  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Black Icing
  • Small plastic bag

How to Make your Groundhog Day Snack:

  1. Put a small few Oreos into a plastic sandwich-sized snack bag. Crush the Oreos, my kids used my rolling pin but I’m sure a hand would work just fine.
  2. Open your pudding cups and pour the crushed Oreos on top this is your “dirt”.
  3. Take one Nutter Butter for each pudding cup and place them on a plate, with the black icing draw the face and ears of your groundhog. (I even did some small buck teeth like the picture they colored)
  4. Put the Nutter Butter cookie into your Pudding cup in the middle like he is coming out of your “dirt”. and Whalah a yummy Groundhog’s day treat!

If you make your own Groundhog day treat, or color your own pictures be sure to TAG us on social media so we can share your masterpieces!

This may be a silly holiday that doesn’t really mean much to you. Maybe you have never really even acknowledged its existence. But what 2020 taught me is that we can always use an excuse to stop the hustle and bustle, and do something with our kids that will bring you joy in a new way! So this Groundhog Day, pour yourself a cup of coffee, make a sweet treat and let’s all celebrate that eventually, the seasons will change!!!

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