30 Days of Thanks {Cultivating Gratitude throughout November}


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30 Days of Thanks- Cultivating Gratitude Throughout November- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Every November I make it a point to work on some sort of Gratitude Project—usually journaling about what I am grateful for.

It is easy to go through every day of our lives and never really stop to give thanks. Thanksgiving is one day in November, but really it should be every day.

Being a new mom (and wanting to set a good example for my child) only adds to this feeling of wanting to express my thanks on more than just one day, especially during the holidays.

I started doing the 30 Days of Thanks project back when my husband was in the US Navy. I was upset because nine times out of ten he would be deployed or unable to travel home for the holidays.

You quickly realize how blessed you are when you do not have someone or something that matters to you for a period of time.

It became a good distraction when we couldn’t be together and it kept my perspective positive. Now that my husband is out of the military and is home for every holiday, we try to really make them count by making memories and spending time with both of our families.

This year is a big year since we’re first time parents. We want to stress the importance of gratitude and giving thanks even from our daughter Amelia’s young age.

We have a beautiful tradition at my husband’s grandmother’s house of gathering as a whole family and saying a blessing before our meal. It is really moving and has been something that has become special to us. This year, like years past, I plan on doing another series of 30 days of thanks posts (blogging and Facebook) and “Thankful Thursday” Instagram posts as well. Here are some of my favorite ideas for “30 days of Thanks” posts. I hope that these will inspire more people to brighten up social media for the month of November and share their thanks.

30 Days of Thanks Ideas:

Share about:

  • Someone you are thankful for
  • Your favorite meal and why (as an added touch share that meal with someone special to you)
  • Where you live
  • An important moment from the past year
  • Your job or something you do to help others
  • What makes the holiday season special for you
  • The form of communication you are most thankful for (phone, mail, email, text, etc.)
  • Someone who is a hero to you
  • Something beautiful that you are thankful for
  • A daily activity that you are thankful for
  • A song that you are thankful for
  • A lesson that you have learned that you are grateful for
  • A tradition that you are grateful for
  • An act of kindness that you are thankful for
  • A challenge that you are thankful for
  • Something relating to the Fall season

Feeling inspired? What jumped out at you? What are you especially thankful for?


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Bayly is a working mama with a sweet baby girl (Amelia-born in June 2017.) Bayly has been in the field of Early Childhood Education for ten years and currently works as a Lead Toddler Teacher at a local Montessori school. Bayly has been married to her husband (and high school sweetheart) since 2010. She is a proud born and raised Corpus Christi resident and loves all the unique local things that Corpus Christi has to offer. When she has an opportunity she loves going to the Farmers Market, the Aquarium, and other local attractions. She is a foodie at heart and loves trying new recipes. She attended TAMUCC where she majored in English, but she also has a background in Early Childhood Education. She is Montessori certified and is also pursuing a Masters in Early Childhood with an emphasis in Reading. Her hobbies include: blogging, writing children’s stories, finding new pins on Pinterest, cooking/baking, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and more. Bayly enjoys country music and watching all sports. She has three pets—a dog and two cats. She is a member of St. Patrick’s Church. She is also a proud Aunt. She is excited to share her thoughts and experiences with you as she tries to navigate mommyhood with grace and a sense of humor.