Summer Reading Challenge {Pssst: It’s for YOU, mama!}


I can not believe that summer is here. We are officially in the days when kids are more likely to spend extended amounts of time vegging out in front of technology and eating everything in the house. We will do our best to keep them engaged and to just READ A BOOK.

Summer Reading Challenge

You might be getting ready to scroll away because you have been given the reading logs from school and picked up your kid’s summer reading challenge papers from the local libraries, which often offer big rewards for kids who can crush their reading goals.

BUT this challenge is NOT for your kids; it is FOR YOU!!

When it comes to our kids, especially those teens, they look at your actions far more than they are listening to your words. If we tell our kids that it is important for their minds to pick up a book and read, but they NEVER see you with a book in your hand, they may feel like you are sending mixed messages. If reading is important, then we should all be doing it, right?

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Maybe, like me, you have a kiddo that has a learning disability like Dyslexia that makes reading a struggle, and no matter how many books he sees in my hands, it doesn’t make reading fun or easy for him. But I tell him over and over that listening to audiobooks is important, and reading as a family is important, and doing his best to pick up even the smallest of books is important. He again has to see me model that behavior. So oftentimes, when we are driving, instead of the radio, I listen to a book. Or I find a series that I will read to my kids in the evening. Either way, I am still showing my kids that no matter how old they get, reading and learning is important to keep your mind active!

So this is YOUR Summer Reading Challenge! How many books can you read from now until the kids go back to school in August? I will be keeping track starting May 29th {this is the first full week of Summer for us} and I hope that you will join me and come August, we can all share our log full of books! And remember, audiobooks totally count! 

I have included this log you can print and color in, or just download and keep track digitally!

Printable/Downloadable version here!

Reading Log

To get you started, here is a list of 10 must-read books from a few summers ago!

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