My Son Wore a Helmet


My Son Wore A Helmet.

No, not a medical helmet.

A bike helmet.

And no, at 11 months, he wasn’t a child bicycle riding prodigy. He fell. He fell a lot. And like any overprotective, cautious mother, I got him a helmet. And he wore that helmet for two months.

So here is how it started… He walked early. At ten months, the boy was on the move. By ten months and five days, he decided anywhere he needed to get, he needed to get there as fast as possible. He started “running.” He was top heavy, and had no coordination, but loved to run. I was constantly holding my breathe, following him around and picking him up off the floor. Well, one day he was “running,” his body got ahead of his feet, and he fell right into the edge of an end table. A visit to the emergency room and three stitches later, I was officially a hoverer. I was terrified of it happening again.

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The cut healed, the stitches came out, he was off to the races again… He started climbing on everything. Momflexes are a real thing! I could see him falling before it actually happened and could be there to catch him before he hit the floor. Almost every time… I was a second too late one time and he fell off the couch and his head hit on the tile floor. First time mom, first large goose egg, we were in the parking lot of the emergency room before I even realized what I was doing. He was ok, but was cautioned to not let him hit his head in the same spot again.

Two days later… he was reaching down to pick up a toy, missed the toy, and banged his head on the ground. IN THE SAME SPOT! I lost it, I had to keep him safe. I was his mother. We were in the sporting goods isle at Walmart within minutes. My son would wear a bike helmet anytime he was walking for the next two months.

I know it sounds crazy. And you are right, it is crazy. It is crazy how much we love our children. It is crazy how we will do absolutely ANYTHING to keep them safe from harm, by any means necessary. It is crazy.

But come on… a bike helmet on a one year old. Crazy.

I know I can’t always be there to protect him. Eventually, I am going to have to let him go out on his own. He will have to experience falls and heartbreak and pain without me there to scoop him up and kiss it. It is hard. It is going to be hard. But, nobody said this mom thing was easy.

Then, one day, I took off his helmet, and held my breathe as he ran across the room…

Have you ever gone a little mom crazy?

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  1. Helmets are awesome…my son wore superhero costumes for months. hey – they were clean….

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