Mom Flu Vs. Man Flu


This winter has been a doozy for our family. We’re sick for a second time and for sure feeling run down. My husband and I were married 7 years before we were blessed with our little girls. So when we got sick it was easy to just malaise around, sleep and heal. Now that we have a one and two year old the dynamic has dramatically changed. I’ve called my mom in pure frustration more times than I can count over a syndrome she calls “man flu”.

My husband is a great partner and really the rock of the family, HOWEVER, when he’s sick – he’s like a fully different man.

As a mom when I realize my kids are sick my brain immediately makes a mile-long list of 100 things I need to do to make sure everyone gets better. I’ll make a grocery order so we can get medicine and orange juice. I also want to make chicken noodle soup, it’s the ultimate cure-all in my opinion!  I want to call the pediatrician so we can go get an appointment. I also get the urge to spotlessly clean the house and wash all the sheets on everyone’s bed before my illness really sets in. I don’t need to do some of these things but it helps me feel in control of the situation and ahead of the germs. 

Chicken noodle soup

My husband is not concerned about germs or getting ahead of them in the least. When my husband is sick his top priority is not leaving the couch. I’ve literally called my mom in tears because I’m so upset at his behavior when he’s sick. She claims it’s perfectly normal and moms are just superhumans made to take care of sick babies. I’ll say that I 100% agree with her. Moms just know what needs to be done and they go into action mode and do it. 

On the bright side, my husband usually bounces back pretty quickly from his man flu and remembers we have two toddlers to take care of. That’s really the biggest change and makes it the most difficult. We can’t just chill around and watch movies. Now when we’re sick we have medicine to measure and give out, little noses to suction, and babies to keep comfortable. Not to mention our children are very unhappy when they are sick so they fight us tooth and nail – especially about getting their noses suctioned! 

If you are a mom and feeling sick and like the health of the whole household rests on your shoulders, just know you are not alone. This is temporary and all the extra effort you’re putting into helping your family will pay off in the long run! My mom insists that my husband cannot help his “man flu” symptoms, but we will keep working on it. Hopefully not this year – I don’t think I can handle another round of illness. 

So, since I’ve been sick and stuck at home, I’ve had lots of time to think about all the fun DIY projects I want to share with you guys. Next month I want to do a DIY dry shampoo recipe, I’m still testing a few things out and working out some kinks but it will be ready soon! I also want to share my garden plans for this spring. My girls and I started a little garden on our patio last spring and I’m so ready to expand it. Daydreaming about when I feel better is honestly the best medicine. 

Herb Garden

I’ll be back next month with a much more fun post, thank you for reading and I hope you’re feeling well! 




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