Make Time For You: The value (and necessity) of prioritizing time for yourself.


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Originally published online at Inspire Coastal Bend Magazine, February 29, 2019; April/May Issue

self care My life as a mother has been challenging, tremendously joyful and pretty exhausting (most of the time, I didn’t even know how tired I was). Going from being a married, working mother to a widowed [suddenly single] working mother, the one thing that has always remained consistent is my fierce love and commitment to my children. Something that has not always remained consistent is my love for self.

Twelve years ago, after my oldest son was born, my needs, personal care and health promptly got put on the back burner. I returned to work when he was barely 3 months old.

My days looked something like this: Wake at 5:30 a.m.; get dressed and pump; feed, change and dress the baby; pack the diaper bag, load the car, grab a granola bar and drop the baby with the nanny. Next I would head to the office; mid-morning pump again; take my lunch break back at the nanny’s to nurse the baby; return to work, pump again, finish the workday so I could rush back to pick up the baby and head home in the rush hour. (And I am talking Austin rush hour – notoriously atrocious.) 

Finally, I would return home only to fix dinner and attempt to choke something down, all the while engaging with my precious baby and husband; bathe the baby, wrestle with some laundry, nurse again, shower and fall into bed. I was lucky if all of this was accomplished by 11 p.m. Then up again every three hours with my cluster-feeder who didn’t sleep … Repeat.

Moving on past the baby phase, my days started looking a little different……

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self care

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