Keep Your Family Healthy During the Holiday


Don’t you just love the holidays? My husband goes crazy with the Christmas decorations and lights, and my kids absolutely love it. I love the attitude of thankfulness, cooler weather, and holiday cheer that fills the air. However, what also seems to fill the air are coughs and sneezes. So, I’d like to share how to stay healthy during the holidays so you can enjoy all your family’s holiday traditions.


The is foundational, y’all. You can’t take health supplements and expect it to make up for your lack of good nutrition. I am not saying you can’t enjoy your favorite holiday treat (or beverage!) but what I am saying is the majority of what you’re putting into your body has to serve and support your health. So, add some extra greens to your plate and munch on fruit for a snack.


As moms, sometimes it seems like all we drink is coffee (and wine.) I love having a cup of coffee in the morning, but it’s helpful to drink a big glass of water before enjoying your cup of joe. Also, a good rule of thumb is to drink half of your weight in ounces of water. So if you weigh 140 pounds then you’ll want to be drinking at least 70 ounces of water. For all my pregnant and nursing mamas, you can add an extra glass or two here.


I know it’s hard during the holidays to stick to your usual workout routine. However, you can get creative with it, and get the kids involved. Maybe you can all take a nighttime stroll around your neighborhood and look at all the Christmas lights. You can also go outside and jump on the trampoline with your kids or play soccer with them. The key here is to do something that you enjoy. It will make you more likely to actually stick with it!

Essential Oils/Herbs

Many people have great success using essential oil and herbs to stay healthy. There are some great herbal teas you can sip on to support your overall health. You can also use essential oils like melaleuca, cinnamon, lemon, and frankincense to support a healthy immune system. Get creative and make a diffuser blend with cinnamon, clove, and orange that will make your home smell like the holidays while supporting your health!

Healthy During the Holiday

Spread Holiday Cheer

It may sounds a little strange, but our attitude and mindset have an effect on our physical health. If you’re having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, you can try making a gratitude list or doing a random act of kindness to help uplift your mood. Do this every day to make a permanent mental shift. Your body will thank you for it!

I’d love to hear from you! How do you keep your family healthy during the holidays?