Go-To Healthy Snacks for Mom


We’ve all been there, the hours between meals when we feel like we could eat a horse. Maybe you’ve packed a mushy banana, or a handful of almonds, but really, are those measly snacks going to satisfy you? 

Did you know that the more you sustain your body, the more revved up your metabolism will be? I know it sounds wonky, but yes, the more you eat, the more calories you will burn. The key is to provide your body with healthy food in the right portions all day long.

Long gone are the days of mushy bananas and almonds! Now’s a great time to get some healthy snack ideas that will keep you energized all day long, mama! Your kids may just buy into the “healthy” side of snacks, too. 

Let’s start with an easy one. Fresh Fruit Trail Mix. Umm, yum! Make this trail mix yourself and avoid the sodium and preservatives that are packed into store bought trail mix. Pick out what kind of nuts you want, but replace the dried fruit with fresh fruit. When you replace the dried fruit with fresh, you are lowering the carbohydrate content, and packing more nutrients into your diet. Good ideas for fresh fruit are grapes, blueberries, and cherries. 

Next up, Apple Cookies with nut butter, raisins, walnuts and coconut. I know this sounds like it could take some time to put together, but it only takes a few more minutes than throwing a banana in your bag, and it is so worth it. Slice an apple into rounds, don’t worry about coring it, just pop out the seeds that you see. Spread the nut butter of your choice (I love almond butter) onto the rounds, and sprinkle the raisins, walnuts, and coconuts on top. Let your kids do the sprinkling if they want to be involved. Sometimes I change up this snack and instead of nuts and coconuts, I chop up a banana and put it and mini chocolate chips on top!

healthy snack

This next one is seriously yum and packed with nutrition and flavor. And it may be the easiest on the list! For Healthy Kabobs gather toothpicks, cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella cheese balls, and baby spinach. Pop a tomato, piece of cheese, and a spinach leaf onto the toothpick. You’re done! It seems so fancy, but it takes 30 seconds. This isn’t only yummy for moms, it’s yummy for kids, too. {I’ll let you in on a little secret… put any food on a stick, and kids will love it!}

This is real food, y’all. Embrace it, and take the time to honor your body. 

Avoid the trans fat, refined grains, salt, and high-fructose corn syrup that is present in many packaged foods. Each of these things make us sluggish, upsets our metabolism, raises our blood pressure, and encourages overeating.

Even though making homemade snacks may take a little more time from your day, it’s so worth it. You will notice a change in how you feel almost instantly.

What is your “go-to” healthy snack?

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An original Okie, Amy and her husband moved to the Coastal Bend in 2015. She is a stay-at-home mom to one ornery little boy and a wife to an ornery high school football coach and math teacher. Before becoming a wife and momma, Amy received a bachelors degree from Oklahoma State University (go pokes!) in Design, Housing, and Merchandising. She enjoys creating a homemade lifestyle for her family-lots of DIY-ing, homemade baby food, and cloth diapering happens around her house! When Amy is not attending high school sporting events or on mommy duty, she enjoys reading, writing, running, spending time on Pinterest, drinking coffee, and cooking healthy meals.