Game, Set, Match!


I DID IT!  I officially crossed off one item from my turning 50 Bucket List.

Back in August, I wrote about the 4 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 50!

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I grew up in Florida in a community where everyone either played golf or tennis.  I hated golf — so I dabbled in tennis with youth camps and fun stuff that my parents signed me up for.  I never played for high school or anything like that.  Just for fun.

My younger brother, Shane, on the other hand, was a tennis genius and at one time was ranked in the state as a pre-teen.  My only experience with a tennis tournament was my living room TV or watching my brother from the sidelines.

Jump ahead 30 years and I decided to pick up a racquet again – this came after a visit to Florida to see my sister, Trista.   She is a member of a Tennis club and has been playing as an adult for several years.


My bucket list item was to jump into the sport of tennis and to compete in a tennis tournament.  So – in August I started taking regular lessons from a tennis pro and I started meeting new tennis friends.

After four months of being “serious” with my game — I signed up for a USTA tennis tournament here in Corpus Christi. 

It was super scary and I literally cried on the drive to the courts.  Why was I so nervous? 

Well, many reasons – but the main one being I knew that I was going into this tournament to lose.  I am not telling you this because I am phishing for compliments.  I am being honest — I am very new to the sport, I have never played competitively in any sport, and before the tournament, I had only played 2 official tennis matches with points.  But I needed this first tournament to help me gain the experience for more future competitions.

I did – in fact – lose the tournament.  But, I learned a lot about myself and the sport.  My game improved from just the first match to the second match of the tournament.  I know what I need to work on before signing up for another tournament.  And YES, there will be more — I am definitely hooked.

My biggest accomplishment from this brief tennis experience is the ladies I have met.  There is a beautiful group of ladies that have taken me into their small circle.  They not only let me learn from them — but they are full of encouragement and advice.  Some of the ladies literally met me a month ago — and yet they are treating me like an original member of their tennis tribe.

You are never too old to start something new — no matter how scary it feels.  And you might just make some cool new friends!

Stay tuned (yup, I’m that old – I still say tuned LOL) to the blog – for more check-offs from the turning 50 bucket list.


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