Coastal Bend Moms Sunscreen Round-up


If there is one thing we love to promote here at Coastal Bend Moms it is spending time outdoors with your family. Along with our love of promoting spending time outdoors we also want to promote the need for sun protection for everyone in your family!!

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Sunscreen Round-up

Sometimes going to the store for sunscreen can get overwhelming because there are SO many different brands and types of sunscreens available it can be hard to know which is going to be the best for your family.

To help make Sunscreen buying a little less daunting, I asked our moms on the Coastal Bend Mom team to tell us what their favorite brand/type of sunscreen is.

Neutrogena SPF 100 Spray/ Face Stick – This brand is my top pick for my family. My daughter has eczema and every summer we had an issue with her breaking out minutes after applying sunscreen to her. We tried brand after brand even those that said they were for babies or delicate skin broke her out. She is also VERY fair and burns VERY easily so any amount of time in the sun she needs to be protected. Finally, we found the Neutrogena brand, and it is the only brand we can use on her skin that does not leave her itchy and red all over. We use a combination of the spray-on bottles with 100 SPF and the 70 SPF face stick and it protects her very well and it does not break her out. I also love using the face stick because it is easier to apply and your hands don’t get all slippery.

CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen– This is a new brand of sunscreen that I just discovered for myself. I was trying to find something I could wear on my face that would not feel greasy. I have heard really great things about the CeraVe brand in regards to skincare so I wanted to give this one a try for myself this summer. So far I feel like it has done a really good job and since it doesn’t have that greasy feel I can wear it for daily sun protection. The only downside is it is on the pricey side for a small tube.

Neutrogena Beach Defense Lotion– Help protect your active family from the sun’s damaging rays. This Broad Spectrum SPF 70 sunscreen lotion offers beach-strength protection and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, this pick was submitted by CBMC writer Adriana, and she says she swears by it.

H‑E‑B Solutions Ultra Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion– HEB Solutions is the answer to the Texas sun. It offers longer protection from the UVA rays that lead to premature aging and the UVB rays which can cause sunburn. From Sport to Baby, there’s a formula for everyone in your family! All products are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and moisturize your skin. This pics was submitted by CBMC writer Jessica, and she says “I use the HEB brand works really good on me. I used it in Hawaii, no burns just a nice tan.”

H‑E‑B Solutions Oxybenzone Free SPF 50 Pomegranate Sunscreen Lotion– This is another HEB Solutions pick by CBMC writer Maria. “I keep their face one in the car (traffic = sunburns for me) and now they have a pomegranate one!!!”

Babyganics B Kids SPF 50+ Sunscreen Continuous SprayMade with children’s developing skin in mind, our formula provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection that’s non-allergenic and tear-free. Our non-aerosol spray application is air-powered and uses no propellant chemicals, making application a quick and easy process. This pick was submitted by CBMC write Erin, “This was a favorite for us with my son when he was smaller.”

Coppertone Sport Broad Spectrum Continuous Sunscreen Spray SPF 70– High-performance, durable formulas, stays on strong when you sweat; won’t run into eyes and sting, photostable, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, antioxidant defense, continuous spray products spray at any angle, water-resistant (80 minutes). This is another pick submitted by CBMC write Erin, ” this is my favorite to use on myself.”


What are you and your family’s favorite brands of Sunscreen? Was this list helpful to you? Do not forget to add this post to your Summer Pinterest Board!

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