Battle of the Vegetables


I always seem to run into a problem when my kids start to transition from pureed fruits and vegetables to solid foods. I could never seem to get them to eat their solid vegetables. They would love pureed peas, carrots, and squash, but when I tried to get them to eat the same cooked vegetables in a solid form they would reject it every time. It was a constant battle. I hope to offer you some tips that have gotten my boys to eat their share of vegetables on a daily basis!


First, I tried cooking with different seasonings, cutting the vegetables up in different sizes, or serving with melted cheese on top… and each time my attempts got rejected.

Finally, I decided to just chop up some raw vegetables and serve it with Ranch dressing. Actually, my husband had just requested that instead of a salad one day, and my boys went nuts over it! Right before my eyes my toddlers were chowing down on raw broccoli, cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers. Now, I know Ranch dressing is not the healthiest choice, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make! Ever since then, I make sure to have raw vegetables with something for them to dip it in… Because who doesn’t love dipping vegetables?! For my family, we like to eat our vegetables with dressing, hummus, or even guacamole. Yum!

Another guaranteed way I can get them to eat their vegetables is to put them in a smoothie! We have a smoothie almost every day for a snack and I make sure to pack it full of some sort of dark leafy green vegetable. I like using spinach the best, but we also enjoy our smoothies with kale or chard. I like to check out the local farmers’ market in Corpus Christi and see what I can find to use for the week. If you combine the greens with some strawberries and bananas, you’ll find that your kids will enjoy drinking their greens too! The best part about the smoothies is that your little ones can help you make them, learn all the names of the fruits and vegetables, and pick their personal favorites. It helps me get my greens in for the day too!


I hope this post has encouraged you to keep on trying to give your kids their vegetables. Don’t give up the battle! Sometimes it can take over 15 attempts of trying a certain vegetable to develop a taste for it. Try and make it a fun experience for your kids, and give them some praise when they do try new foods!

What tips do you have for getting your kids to eat their vegetables?