20 New Year Resolution ideas that don’t involve Changing your body


20 New Year Resolution ideas that don’t involve Changing Your Body:

I love the New Year. I love reflecting on who I became the year prior and who I want to become moving forward, and I love the idea of a New Year resolution. I am a person who loves progression. However, I have learned that there’s a difference between desiring progression, and constantly making resolutions that disrespect who you truly are.

A New Year Resolution to celebrate who you already are:

For most of my adult life, my first New Year resolution always revolved around a number on the scale or a measurement of my size. This year however I wanted my resolutions to reflect that I am so much more than striving for a number on the scale, and that progress is more important than that.  Instead of the “new me” mentality, I wanted to resolve ways to celebrate who I already am.

Finding that person, embracing her,  celebrating her, showing up for her, and improving upon who she already is.

So what does one resolve to do in the New Year if you’re working on abandoning self-destructive behaviors?

Here are 20 New Year resolution ideas to spark your creative thinking:

New Year Resolution: Coastal bend mom collective

  • Read the books on my “to-read list”
  • Detox my social media accounts
  • Move my body in ways that bring ME joy
  • Discover which foods make me feel good, and incorporate those food groups into my meal planning
  • Connect with my faraway friends and family more often
  • Invite a friend to do something fun
  • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier
  • Plan weekly outdoor adventures as a family
  • Find ways to serve in my community
  • Work on forgiving someone who has hurt me
  • Learn how to say “no” and not fill my schedule too full
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Spend at least 30 minutes outside every day
  • Finish a cup of my favorite warm drink before it gets cold
  • Organize my closets
  • Create a preparedness binder, and restock my 72-hour kit
  • Tackle my budget and work towards paying off 1/2 of my student loans this year
  • Drink more water
  • Try a new hobby
  • Reduce negative self-talk by giving and receiving compliments

New Year Resolution: Coastal bend mom collective

(What are some New Year Resolution ideas you can think of? Decrease phone usage? Weekly Date nights? Monthly GNO? We’d love to hear!)

As we approach this New Year may we  resolve  to progress and improve upon the beautiful souls we already are, instead of trying to “make over”  ourselves in to someone new.

Happy New Year friends!