Mox Shoes, Won’t “Shoe” Please Be Mine?

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mox-shoes-corpus-christi-moms-blogRoses are red, violets are blue, Forget the chocolate: I just want Mox Shoes!

I am in love.

And I’m not talking about being in love with my husband (which I am) or being in love with my kids (which I am) or even being in love with my life (which I totally am.) I’m talking about being in love with MY SHOES.mox-shoes-corpus-christi-moms-blog

Yes, that’s right.  I’m in love with my shoes.  My Mox Shoes.

I’m not a fashionista.  I choose comfort over fashion any day; however, I’m not eligible for What Not to Wear either, so when I can find something comfortable that also happens to be fashionable, I am happy.  But take comfort and fashion and throw in amazing versatility and I am giddy.

Turns out Mox shoes do all of that.  They combine fashion with comfort in these amazing little versatile shoes.

mox-shoes-corpus-christi-moms-blogSeriously.  I can have one of those crazy, hectic days where I go through what seems like a dozen wardrobe changes, but not once do I have to change my shoes when I’ve got my Mox on.  They are THAT versatile.

A morning of teaching followed by an afternoon at the park.  A quick stop at home and then off for a few quick errands.  I make it home in time to prep dinner and then I leave for an evening of book club with the ladies.  The only thing that stayed consistent through all of that was my Mox Shoes.  Comfortable.  Fashionable.  Versatile. mox-shoes-corpus-christi-moms-blog

So, clearly, Mox Shoes are awesome to wear.  But aside from being a bit picky about my shoes, I’m also pretty picky about where I shop online.  Free shipping is a plus.  Easy returns are essential.  A business run by stay-at-home moms?  Yes, please.  An American-run company?  Of course.

And Mox has it all.  They are a business started and run by two stay-at-home moms who wanted to bring the comfort, fashion and versatility of Australian Mox Shoes to American women.  They offer free shipping and easy returns (which I can testify to… the exchange process was easy, fast, and totally painless.)

mox-shoes-corpus-christi-moms-blogI promise you are going to fall in love with your Mox Shoes… you’ll wear them morning, noon and night with everything from jeans to skirts to skinny pants and your feet will still smile after a long day of chasing toddlers, giving presentations or running errands, whatever appears in your crazy schedule.  The only problem I imagine you’re going to have?  You might have a little trouble choosing between colors for your first pair.  Channel your inner fashionista and just pick… you can’t go wrong.     

What are you waiting for?  Go, go… head over to Mox Shoes now and place your first order.  I promise you won’t regret it.

And we’ll help… use << promo code CORPUS10 >>  to save 10% now through February 24th!

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