$2 Dollar Dress Day, a Frugal Fashionista’s Way to Shopping



Boys and I

Two dollar dress day is my absolute favorite day.

I wake up in the morning with energy and hope for a plentiful bounty.

Hear Ey’ Hear Ey’ 

Today I will be unleashing powerful information that will forever change your wardrobe. I will release the basic information, but withhold what locations I shop; cause momma needs her shopping fix.

Alright, I have a good friend named Will.

I go over to Will’s and sometimes, and I search through racks of clothes.

I find clothes that are really good, and really cheap.

If you aren’t picking up what I am putting down, I’ll say this more clearly, GoodWill!

However, and this is a big however, there are some tricks to saving the most money. I will be revealing some of my biggest bargain hacks, and tell you about my favorite two days of the month, 2 dollar dress days. 

 Hack 1: Watch for the discounted color tags. 

-Each item of clothing has a colored tag. I believe there are only 5 or 6 different colors. Anyhow, three of which, will be discounted at either 20%, 50%, or 75%. 

-A sign at the front of the store, next to the register, will have the list of colors and the percentages they are on sale. 

(Take a picture of it, for reference while your shopping)

Hack 2: Don’t buy full-priced items at GoodWill, (unless it’s REALLY good).

-Only buy items that are 50%, or 75% off. It’s GoodWill people, control yourself. 

-If it’s not on sale now. It will be. In most cases, don’t buy clothing items over five dollars. Check back in a week, the item will be most likely on sale then.

-The colors change on Sunday. So, this is a holy day of newly slashed prices, so come early and search through the racks. 

Hack 3: Listen close, or read even closer this is the most important hack of them all.

There are two days of the month that are so important you must mark your calendars. Every other Saturday is 50% off the store.

Side Note: Come Early. GoodWill opens its doors at 10 am on Saturday.

50% day is what I like to call 2 Dollar Dress Day!

Most dresses are $4, even ones with tags (brand spanking new).

$2 dress day is born. The most underrated holiday, lol.

They say the proof, is in the pudding.

And I’m serving up a dish, or several in the forms of a $2 dress mini fashion reveal. This is the bounty from our last 50% off day.

The price is discounted at the register, so whatever the tag says, slash that price in half.


GW 2 dollar dress


Side Note: Everything is 50% off; including furniture, brick o brack, just EVERYTHING.

So, if wearing gently used clothes, or scavenging through the racks isn’t your thing; you might still be interested in house decor, or maybe even kids toys. I adore buying toys for my kids, and honestly, they do not care if they are used. Basically, kids get tired of toys quickly anyhow. Spend less, Enjoy More.

Now, you might be asking yourself,

“How do I find out when the next $2 dress day is?”

Well, my sexy, savvy, money-saving friend they ordinarily post the upcoming 50% day outside the store on their signs about a week before the event. However, a phone call works too.

Until next time.