10 Ways To Style Jeans- Fall In South Texas Edition



Fall has landed in South Texas but the weather is still on the warmer side. I thought living on the Texas Coast would force me to give up my beloved fall fashion but I got creative instead. In the midwest, your pumpkin patch outfit and entire fall wardrobe are a big deal! Having to change my style was a little challenging but mostly it’s been fun! 

Every year I treat myself to one pair of nice jeans. For two years in a row, I’ve bought the same jeans- Rock star jeans from Old Navy. They just fit well, the fabric of the jeans is the perfect weight for Texas weather. I styled these jeans in 9 different ways with the intent of showing you how to style jeans for Texas Weather. The tenth outfit is for date night so I chose a pair of ripped black jeans for a little bit of a sexier look. 

1. Jeans and an Oversized Flannel 

This is my personal favorite fall clothing trend and it works perfectly for a warm fall in Texas. I got my oversized Flannel from Sam’s club last year. It’s the perfect replacement for a heavy sweatshirt. I’d wear this with a pair of Tevas to go to the pumpkin patch.

2. Jeans and Hubby’s t-shirt 

Stealing my husband’s T-shirts is a way of life for me. They are just oversized enough to be cute and I love the relaxed vibe! This is something I’d wear to go pick up a grocery order.

Jeans and carhart shirt

3. Jeans and a Cute Cropped Hoodie 

Wearing a cropped Hoodie will keep you a little cooler than a full-length one, Plus they are so cute. I got this cropped Hoodie at target, but you could totally DIY a cropped hoodie. 

jeans and hoodie

4. Jeans and a Thin Fleece for Chilly Nights 

I got a Thin fleece at Walmart this year to wear for those amazing 60 degree, windy, chilly, nights in south texas. It’s warm enough to keep you warm, but light enough so you don’t feel overheated. 

5. Camo and Jeans- An Underrated Trend In Women’s Style 

Camo is for everyone nowadays! I have been shopping in the outdoor section of Walmart for my wardrobe this year. I can’t get enough camo and I think it looks so cute with jeans! 

6. Cute and Dressy 

For my cute and dressy look, I paired A creme-colored canvas fabric top with eyelets with my jeans. I love how flowy this top looks. I also love the fact that it retains its structured look because of the fabric type. I’d wear this out to meet friends or to any occasion really! 

7. Boho Hippy  

I love this cropped, knit, oversized cardigan with jeans. It’s perfect for fall because it’s so light. It also reminds me of something I would have loved to wear to class in high school. 


8. Important Meeting  

For an important meeting, I just say wear a black top with jeans. You want your personality to shine and you’re outfit to just be in the background. Jeans are the perfect garment for this occasion. I chose a black thermal style top because I love the waffle knit texture. Cozy and polished!  

shirt and jeans

9. Errand Day 

I love wearing jeans while out on errands, I would wear a T-shirt with my jeans because it’s comfy, cute, and practical. I like the idea of a high low T-shirt to make the outfit more fun!


10. Last But Not Least Date Night 

For the date night outfit, I decided to go with black jeans since they are a little more alluring than your everyday blue jean. I paired it with a 3/4th sleeve crop top that ties in the middle. It’s perfect for an outdoor concert or getting drinks with your partner. I always feel like a million dollars in a cute pair of black jeans. 

If you’re like me then wearing jeans can be much more complex than just throwing on a pair of pants. Sometimes I overthink it because wrapped up in making sure my outfits look “mom” appropriate. I’ve realized that any pair of jeans are mom jeans. Moms should be able to wear what they want, and mothers should not feel intimidated by any garment. I love mom jeans but I’ll always love skinny jeans and ripped jeans as well. So much change happens when you become a mom, but your style doesn’t have to be one of those changes! 

Be sure to follow Coastal Bend Mom’s favorite local weatherman to plan your winter outfits each day! 


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