Unique Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week


Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

(Even if we can’t be with our Teachers)

*At the time that this article was written our nation was under social distancing restrictions, and stay at home orders. We miss our teachers fiercely, and are desperate to reach out to them even though we can’t do special meals at the school, and themed gift days. So below are 12 ideas to still show our teachers how much we LOVE them for teacher appreciation week, even from afar.*

Teacher Appreciation Day: Coastal Bend Moms Collective

Teacher Gifts you can send for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Home Made Thank You Notes
  • Support a local florist and send a bouquet to their door step
  • Have balloons delivered with a special treat
  • Have a Giant Yard sign set up by a local business, or make your own yard signs
  • Organize a drive by car parade with all the students in their class
  • Heart attack her front door with home made hearts and notes
  • Send a small care package for an “at home spa day”
  • Send gift card for a local business that is doing curb side pick up, or that they can use once things open back up
  • Have dinner delivered using Favor, or any other food delivery service
  • Do a photo collage canvas with pictures of all her students holding up signs with a special message
  • Have students send in video clips saying “Thank You” and compile them into a video message

Teacher Appreciation Day: Coastal Bend Moms Collective

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