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College application season is stressful for families. Not only is it time-consuming, but the many components of the application process can be overwhelming, especially for first-time applicants.  Parents play a pivotal role; although you want your son/daughter to handle the process, having a few handy tips up your sleeve is helpful in case they run into any problems. As a mom who is currently in the process of helping her son apply to colleges, I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to make this process smooth and bump-free! So, without further delay, here are my tips for helping your child during the college application process.


  • Start early. I can’t stress this enough. Every step of the application process has deadlines and waiting until the last minute will result in a poor presentation of his/her efforts. Set up a meeting with the school college counselor to get information. He or she is undoubtedly your best resource!
  • Not all colleges offer the same programs, so narrowing choices down to those offering their preferred field of study is paramount. Parents should be privy to the admission requirements, including financial aid information, and required documents.
  • Encourage a second opinion. When your child has been busy writing up those admissions essays, chances are their eyes have glazed over a few times and their revising skills are not up to par. Local community colleges have writing centers offering expert writing tips! The Stone Writing Center at Del Mar College (I work there!) is a great resource for all your writing needs, and it is open to the community!


  • Wait till the last minute. Make sure they allow enough time for admissions essays, gathering proper documentation, research, and planning. Waiting until the last minute will not only be stressful on them, but it may result in lapsed deadlines. 
  • Send duplicates of the same essay. The criteria will vary by college, so the main focus is to allow their writing to be a reflection of who they are. Let their personality shine through.
  • Rush the recommendation writers. Keep in mind that these letters are going to come from teachers, and they will have other students requesting recommendations as well. Your child will also most likely choose the teacher(s) that they’ve made an impression on, so the teacher will want to write a top-notch recommendation!

The most important part of all, mom, is to let your child take the reins. Be there for support, just in case any questions come up – they will come to you for help. As difficult as it is (believe me, I know), this is their first step to freedom. Have fun with it, and with them!

Did these tips for the college application process help? What other advice can you offer? Let us know in the comments!

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Jacqueline Gonzalez
Jacqueline was born and raised in Corpus Christi and graduated from Incarnate Word Academy High School and TAMUCC with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in English. She works as a Freelance Writer and as an Instructional Consultant for the Stone Writing Center at Del Mar College. Jacqueline is also a Contributing Writer for The Bend and Inspire Coastal Bend magazines. She has a 17-year-old son, Josef, and a 13-year-old daughter, Isabella, who keep her schedule busy, but her heart full. She is also married to her best friend and soulmate, Marco. Jacqueline also has three cats: Mac, Maxie, and Loki. Jacqueline loves the chaotic nature of a busy schedule, but when she gets a bit of downtime, you can find her enjoying adventures downtown, backyard barbecues with her family, or reading a James Patterson, Kate White, or Steven King thriller. She loves 80s and 90s music, but all the time spent with her daughter has made her a huge BTS fan. Jacqueline and recently joined as a Contributor for the Corpus Christi Mom’s Blog and is excited to see what this new venture brings!