Story Time: Creating Stories With My Little One.


Every night I try to spend time reading with my daughter. Not only is it beneficial, helping her expand her vocabulary, but she enjoys listening to /reading the stories. Some nights we pick out a book to read and other times we get creative making up our own stories. She loves being able to help make up her own story. I’ve come up with a simple template to follow that will help you tell a story and use your little ones imagination. It’s basically like fill in the blank. Start off with the traditional beginning and then you can change it up every time.


For example:

Once Upon a Time,

There was a fill in the blank. The  _______ lived in a _______. The _____ loved to _______.

One day ______  did ________. She/he couldn’t decide what to do. So _______.

Give your child a few options. Let them make up their own mind.

Once Upon a Time,

There was a princess. Or a prince, a cowboy, a unicorn, etc.

The princess lived in a magical kingdom. Or undersea world, an enchanted forest, etc.

Then add some details. They loved to play games, use magic spells, or help lost animals, etc.

Keep the story going by adding details and actions. Then just add your ending.

______ lived happily ever after. You can change it up any way you like.

Here’s a completed story:

Once Upon a Time,

There was a young girl named Ella. Ella lived in an enchanted castle. She loved to talk to animals. One day she got lost in the woods. She couldn’t decide what to do. So, she called to her animal friends. Ella asked them to help her find her way home. She followed the baby birds all the way home. To thank them she sang them a beautiful song. They all lived happily ever after. 

And you both can change the details every time. Keeping it fun.

Here’s to creating stories together.

The End.