The Perks Of Being a Homeschooling Family


Last year, we decided that homeschooling was the best decision for our family.

The main reason being that we wanted to build and establish a firm foundation of faith in our children. We have nothing against public or private school, in fact, we hope to send them out when they get older. (For my sanity as well!) We definitely see homeschooling as something we’re adding to them, not something that we’re taking from them. 

With that being said, there have been many ups and downs and, I confess, it’s been hard stepping into it the first year.

I don’t take the academic portion of my children’s education lightly. In fact, I was pretty hard on myself and insecure about it for the first few months. I would constantly question if I would be able to give them the best academic education they could have, being that I didn’t go to school to teach it. 

I’ve come to learn in my journey though, that I am truly equipped to teach them. Anything can be learned and anything can be taught. The difference is that I love them like no one else in this whole world will ever be able to love them and because of that… I am their perfect teacher. *cue emotional background music*

After coming to my revelatory moment of awesomeness and confidence, I began to truly enjoy being a homeschooling family. 

Perks of HomeschoolThe Freedom

There’s so much freedom in homeschooling, it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t train yourself to be disciplined. Once you do though, it’s the best. Being able to take a trip at any moment or even just schedule a doctor’s appointment without anyone else’s consent is something I have major gratitude for. 

Never Missing a Moment

One of the most beautiful things I’ve got to experience so far as we homeschool is watching my son learn how to read. Being able to teach him and see his growth as he develops holds so much value in my heart. Directing them and guiding them daily as they make mistakes or have those “human” moments we all have is also something I’m grateful to do. 

4 Day School Week

I decided, for this year at least, that we would only do curriculum 4 days a week. Monday through Thursday. Fridays are reserved for something we like to call “Nature Walks” or field trips. (Also, these are the days I schedule all doctor’s appts or any other business hour errands I have) We absolutely love our nature walks! They consist of trail walks at the Botanical Gardens, hunting for shells at the beach or going on a field trip to the Science Musem. 

Choosing Our Own Curriculum

When we do teach academics, it’s completely ours to choose. We mixed and matched with The Good and The Beautiful and some Abeka. Knowing that the stuff they are learning is also rich and handpicked is also one of the many perks of homeschooling. (Studying classic art pieces and listening to Mozart? I’m loving it)

There are many perks of being a homeschooling family, as I know I’ll come to find many more. But, whether you homeschool, do public school or private school… the only thing that matters is that you’re a happy, thriving momma! Everyone’s journey and family needs are different, but our children will always be their best when we’re at our best too. 

What’s your schooling method?

Tell us some of the perks in the comments below!