Microblog: Why I vote “Like A Mother”


I’ve seen the catch phrase “vote like a mother” many times surrounding the upcoming election. And even months ago I don’t think I could define exactly what that meant to me. Until one week ago, when I went to cast my vote and I realized this-

To me, “like a Mother” means we do things like a MOTHER. And what do Mother’s do? They defend, they advocate, they educate, they research, and then they act courageously AND confidently in  defending their homes, their children, their communities, their belief systems, and their livelihoods.

I am proud to be a mother, and I am also proud to have a voice.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to vote in this election. I also know, that regardless of the outcome, my job as a Mother starts within the four walls of my own home. As we raise the next generation of educated, confident and courageous voters.