Great Hearts Online: An Alternative School Option for TX Families

We are proud to partner with Great Hearts Online to share a wonderful education option for Coastal Bend area families.

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of discussion in our community groups about alternate options for schooling. Whether it is due the ever-changing schedule, over-crowded classrooms, or just a busy home-life, many of us have been re-thinking our priorities when it comes to both school and family time.

In doing this, we realize that traditional school isn’t necessarily the best option for our kids. But at the same time, complete parent-led homeschool doesn’t work for many of our families either.

Another Option for School

girl attends art class onlineThankfully, there is a third option for families who want their kids to learn at home, but also want the support of qualified teachers as well as the social aspects of traditional school.

Great Hearts Online is a full-time, tuition-free, virtual public charter school currently serving Texas students in grades K-8. Their rigorous, classical liberal arts curriculum includes advanced math and science, robust arts, and foreign languages.

Great Hearts Online holds synchronous classes Monday-Thursday with live instruction in small classes so your kids can interact face-to-face online with teachers and peers. Then, there are meaningful assignments for them to complete independently. This leaves afternoons free to schedule activities around offline schoolwork instead of the reverse.

And parents need not worry about their kids being stuck staring passively at a screen all day. Great Hearts Online’s curriculum is interactive, with plenty of time for kids to actively participate in their learning. Want to know more? Here are some sample schedules of a typical Great Hearts school day.

Great Hearts Online’s Mission

Great Hearts Online students study outside

Of course, rigorous academics are important, but as moms we are want to make sure whatever educational setting we choose for our kids is caring for the whole child. Great Hearts Online shares this value in their mission:

For 20 years, Great Hearts has served students with the same clear and steadfast purpose: to cultivate the hearts and minds of students in pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. This purpose lives on in Great Hearts Online: different tools but the same curriculum, culture, and heart. With Great Hearts Online, we realize our purpose in a way that removes traditional barriers, deepens relationships with families, and strengthens our methods of holistic student formation. We value and cultivate a sense of wonder, depth of inquiry, and love of learning in all classes. 

Great Hearts Online is passionately committed to helping students become leaders who are team players with servants’ hearts. As moms, we all want to raise children who embody these core values, and it’s such a joy to learn of a school that partners with parents to achieve this goal.

Plan Ahead

teacher with phonogram teaches online class

As we approach the end of this school year, now is the time to start making plans for next year. Great Hearts Online is currently accepting applications for the Fall school year. It’s truly the best of both worlds: the pride and community of a traditional school yet the comfort and family time of home. Remember, Great Hearts Online is completely tuition-free, meets all state standards, and approaches each child as unique and important to their mission of shaping hearts and minds. It’s the perfect solution for families looking to make a change for their children.

Connect with Great Hearts Online

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