Book Character Day: A Perfect Day Safe at Home


Book Character Day

Planning a “theme” day may be just what you need right now

If you are like me you are looking for anything to break up the day to day schedule of being “stuck” (safe) at home. This past weekend we needed something to lift our spirits and a fun day to plan and prepare for! We planned a “Book Character Day”.

Book Character Day: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

I surprised my cute kiddos with a very informal construction paper invitation to “a Book Character Day” right here at home. We had so much fun planning which characters we could be, and reading our favorite books in preparation. Then we planned our costumes around things we already had in our closets.

Book Character Day: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

So what do you need to plan your own Book Character Day?

Very simple costumes, a whole lot of time, and big imaginations!

Fancy Nancy Bracelets

Book Character Day: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

To make the day more special I planned very (very) simple activities that went along with each of our books. My Daughter dressed up as Fancy Nancy so we recycled a paper towel roll into very “fancy” glittery bracelet cuffs. This was extremely messy- but worth it.

(P.s I only used things I had on hand. I did not have regular glue on hand so we used modge podge. IF you have glue on hand- by all means use it!)


Old McDonald Tractors

My 2 year old dressed up as a farmer, because farmers, tractors, animals, and Old McDonald is his LIFE. He loved being a “farmer” for the day and especially loved painting this tractor craft project. He loved Book Character Day!

All we did was paint some brown dirt with washable paint. Then using colors of construction paper we already had I cut out very simple shapes and we created a tractor. What is it with kids and glue sticks? They get so excited!

Book Character Day: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Treats

I dressed up as Oliver from “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and we made some Chocolate Chip cookies for a treat later in the day. It was the perfect ending to a super fun Book Character Day!

Book Character Day: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

I spaced the crafts and story times out so that it took all day. And we had so much fun!

What characters would you dress up as? Tag us in your own Book Character Day!

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