5 Children’s Books for Celebrating Our Differences


5 Children’s Books For Celebrating Our Differences

In our house we have a child with a chronic illness. This immediately makes her feel “different” than her peers and over the years we have had many tearful conversations over her feelings of self awareness. I know that we will probably have many more years ahead of us with these difficult feelings, and a life time of celebrating our differences and embracing who we were made to be.

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Which is why I like to fill my mom “tool belt” with as many supportive words as I can. So whether you have a child with special needs, a child who has had a bad day, or a child who struggles to see their unique and divine gifts here are 5 books that we love in our house that celebrate differences of ALL kinds and encourage our children to shine in their own unique ways!

1. Spaghetti In a Hot dog Bun: Maria Dismondy

Lucy’s Grandfather has always taught her to be proud of who she is, and the importance of treating others the way the way you want to be treated. When presented with a tough situation at school Lucy stands up for what she believes in and courageously stands up for herself. She even decides to not be embarrassed by what her grandfather packs for lunch. This book encourages so many genuine conversations with strong moral themes.

2. Not Your Typical Dragon: Dan Bar-el

When we think of dragons we always think of dragons that breathe fire. Until Crispin. On his seventh birthday he attempts to breathe fire….and something incredible happens. Crispin is embarrassed and wonders if he will ever be “normal”. Well one day there is an emergency that only a not so typical Dragon can fix. This is an excellent story for those days when you are feeling not so “normal” and you need a reminder to embrace your differences.

3. Cordelia: Michelle Nelson- Schmidt

Cordilia can fly. She spends her days doing the impossible, and doing it with ease. She believed she could, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. As she believed this the higher she could fly, and the more she could see and do. She believed she could and so she did. But then one day she doubted herself. And she could no longer fly. She listened to the words of others, and doubted some more. She doubted who she was. She stopped flying. She missed who she once was- but she doesn’t know how to fly again. One day she realizes who she is and that she shouldn’t listen to the other voices…and she finds her talents again. This books is absolutely wonderful for remembering the wonderful gifts and differences we each have.

4. The Nuff: Veronica Waldrop

This sweet and adorable story is about a beautiful unicorn that was born with a broken horn. Through her life she learns what it means to be herself, and that she will always be “NUFF”! A perfect story for those of us who need to remember what it is to be “enough” just the way we are, differences and all!

5. Just Ask: Sonia Sotomayer

This beautiful book encourages readers to be different, be brave, and be YOU! The narrator of the story highlights the theme that there are many people with “differences” and we can celebrate all of our differences. We all make up the beautiful garden of life, and we all enhance it’s beauty in different ways. “Just like in our garden, all the ways we are different make our neighborhood, our world more interesting and fun…each of us has unique powers to share with the world and make it more interesting and richer”.

May we all celebrate our differences and those of others each and every day!