No mantle? No problem! || DIY Stocking Hanger


This summer my family moved into our new home.  I love most everything about our new house EXCEPT for the fact that it does not have a fireplace or a mantle.

Deep sigh. 

The builder that we used is a “certified green” builder and apparently fireplaces make homes very inefficient and “un-green.”  So, indoor fireplaces are not an upgrade they offer- even if you, um beg. 

So this year I was left with a predicament-

Where the heck to I hang our stockings??

I did some googling and pintrest-ing and alas- a solution!  Enter- the stocking hanger!  I found several online that were either not quite my style or suuuuper pricey.  So, I decided to make my own!  I think it turned out pretty fab and here is how I did it!

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  • 2- 1 in x 6-1n x 6 ft fence pickets from Home building store ( mine were priced under 2$ each)
  • 8 short screws (1 in long)
  • paint of choice ( I used a mixture of acrylic craft paints that I already had)
  • sealer (I used polycrylic)
  • coat hooks (found in a 6 pack at Walmart)
  • lettering of choice ( I used cut vinyl but you could also stencil it)
  • heavy duty picture hangers

You will also need a saw, drill, sand paper, and paint brushes



First, decide how wide you want your hanger to be.  This would best be decided based on 2 factors- 1) how many stockings you have to hang and 2) how large the space is that you want to display the hanger.  I made mine 3 ft wide.  This worked out perfectly for the 5 stockings I have for our family.  Then, cut your pickets to the desired length.  Next, cut 2- 12 inch long pieces out of the wood that’s left.  Then, attach the 2 long pieces using the 12 inch pieces and the short screws.  Do this by placing both 3 ft pieces next to one another and then laying the 12 in pieces on top perpendicularly and attaching each piece with 4 screws.  Next, give any rough areas a quick sanding.  (Full disclosure- I did not actually do these 1st steps myself, my sweet husband did.  We are a 2 part DIY team- I dream things up, he uses the power tools, and then I make things pretty!)


Here is where I took over- Now, decide what color or design you want your stocking hanger to be.  I wanted mine to say “The stockings were hung” (referencing the night before Christmas poem, of course).  But you could also have yours say “The ______ family stockings” or “Believe” or anything else that you like.  Then choose a color scheme.  I decided I wanted mine to have a wood-washed look with white lettering.  I wanted it simple to allow our actual stockings to be the showpiece.  So I decided to “wash” mine with a mixture of brown and gray acrylic paint, gold acrylic paint sparkle, and water.  I mixed at a 1:1 paint: water ratio.  Then, I brushed the mixture on and then let it dry.  Next, I applied 2 coats of polyacrylic, allowing it to dry between each coat.

Finally, I had my dear neighbor-bestie cut my lettering out of vinyl with her fancy machine.  I then carefully applied it and added the hooks.  (Yes, I used the drill MYSELF for this part!!)  Next, I drilled in the picture hangers on the back, making sure they were level with one another.  

Finally, I finished it all off with a bit of greenery and voil’a!! Ready to hang!

So, if you have a mantle- consider me envious!  And if not, you’re in good company and I hope this little tutorial inspires you to create a fun place to hang your stockings! 

Merry Christmas mommas!

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