Imprints Leave an Impression – Holiday DIY


DIY projects

The triple Holiday season is here and with it comes a plethora of DIY projects for you and your littles.

Every year I seem to stumble upon even more clever hand or foot-print ideas that transform into spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, turkeys, penguins, reindeer, and more!

The crafts here are my tried & true go-to projects that the whole family can enjoy; babies, toddlers, teens, dad – yes everyone. I love these projects because they are low cost, make great gifts as well as super-cute decor, have no age limit, and seemingly no end of holiday possibilities.

My first venture into trying to do this project was as in college as a babysitter for a family with 2 toddlers. The end result was me chasing a toddler across beautiful wooden floors (tracking paint) and also tears. More than a decade later I have some pro-tips for you.

Keep in mind that paint is cold, so sensory wise anyone under two especially may be extra squirmy.

Use a combination of both dipping and applying generous amounts of paint with a brush to the extremity.

Whether you go for a hands project or a feet project, only cover ONE hand/foot at a time with paint. Wash, pat dry, repeat for second hand, etc.

My tips for supplies are as follows:
Lately, I’ve seen all the dollar spots carrying more and more crafting items! I have found small canvases for as low as $1 as well as paint, and pom-poms.

Acrylic paint is the way to go! I tried tempera paint because well it’s all that was available. If you like the tempera paint look (see Garza Pumpkin Patch project), then by all means give it a go.

Get creative & Get Festive!

Your project can transform hands, feet, even baby bums into so many holiday-inspired masterpieces that you can display, gift, or wear! Home decor for all the festivities can get pricey, but your kiddos hands and feet can adorn those walls (on a canvas of course). One year we used a set of thin canvas for a hand (spider) on a web, a Frankenstein foot, and a footsie ghost. I spotted the cutest footsie ghost on a pumpkin at my sister’s house recently. It was curated at a home daycare center that my 1year old niece attends; Oh how we love Mrs. Theresa!

For Christmas 2018, I gifted my parents with a painting of my niece’s footsies turned into reindeer. If your parents are like mine, they will just be enthralled with these gifts from the grandbaby. Although, my mom did mention that they might run out of wall space soon (ha!)

Holiday outfits can run $25 and up per family member. Matching DIY outfits are a great way to get noticed and make super fun memories. When the kids were tweens, we made family shirts for Christmas. The shirt project we did was a different spin on the reindeer. This one used the hands as the antlers and a car wash sponge for the reindeer’s face. Add some jumbo red poms and voila – matching (yet personalized) Rudolph tees.

So get your little artists ready and get started on personalized items and memorable holiday gifts for people who love your lovies as much as you. Most of all make some great memories and keepsakes!